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Monday, February 20

Wake up call
Having had an action packed weekend, I really needed a lie-in to sleep it all off. However, that's not how life works. In my view, no sooner had I fallen asleep than the alarm was going off. In reality, some 5 and a half hours had gone past (people who get 8+ hours sleep, you are SO lucky!).

I was exceedingly slow and sluggish getting up, but get up I did. And, to avoid dragging out the story, I shall let it be known that I wasn't late for work.

Bumbling to work
The drive from Reading to my office in Farnborough can be a stressful one. Usually it an array of sluggish commuters who cause the stress. Today, the stress was caused by the performance of the car. On Friday afternoon, I'd spotted a Mazda specialist garage advertised at the railway station. I rang them and arranged for the car to go in for inspection/fixing on Wednesday. However, the car is not a happy car and it was making this clear during the journey today.

I'm not sure which I enjoyed least - the dodgy running, or the curious smell of burning that may or may not have been emanating from my car.

Parking the car, I couldn't help but notice some sort of whitish mist emerging from the bonnet, accompanying the smell of burning. Great. My car's on fire. Well, it wasn't. I opened the bonnet to look. No apparent signs of fire. However, the car is not happy and there are still a couple of days before it gets to go into the service place. This may be down to wear and tear, or maybe the car was abused by its previous owner. Alternatively, the garage I used, from the end of my street in Farnborough, are a pair of cowboys who have broken my car. I'm not putting good money after bad by having them look at it again - not until I've established what's wrong now and whether they could have caused it.

What do we organise?
Adults tend to have a bunch of things to organise in their lives. Bills, mainly. My bills seem to come from rental of things - mobile, telephone (no longer), cable/broadband (I'm now paying a little toward someone else's at my shared house), mortgage/gas/electricity/water/TV licence/insurance (all now part of my being a landlord and I don't personally see the benefits of them), car (knackered).

In some ways, I feel a bit like I'm going backwards. On the one hand, I've moved towards being a landlord, with a whole bunch of responsibilities. On the other hand, I don't live in my own home anymore. This is probably a big deal, considering I had 7 years of that. I don't really live in the home I rent either. I don't know why that is. Whatever used to be my sense of normality pretty much disappeared when I resigned from my last job.

I don't think I have regrets about anything that happened since mid-November of last year. However, I am still adjusting. A broken car and a room, in which I don't live, currently in a huge mess full of packing boxes... well, they're not adding to my sense of stability. Note to self: try to get it all sorted out before turning 33 in Feb 2007!


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