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Thursday, October 12

Try Not To Offend Anyone

Well, following from yesterday's blog backlash, I'll try not to offend anyone with this post. I'm currently working on exorcising my sense of indignation over the backlash in a more productive manner than adding to my problems doing it here.

Anyway. It appears that my weight is stabilising at its post holiday low, which means I'm really doing guite well. I have shed a fair old amount of mass since April and I really don't feel like I'm trying. Perhaps if I did some exercise, or stopped eating various unnecessary things I would seriously get towards my new target. I just thought of one. I remember weighing 17 and a half stone back in 1994. I'm significantly more than that at the moment. So perhaps there is a goal for me. Undo the last 12 years poor diet. Hey, maybe my hair will grow back too. I doubt it.

We went to view a house last night which proved to be highly unpleasant. I had had the house suggested to me by the estate agent. It sounded like it had a lot going for it and might even be open to a reasonable offer. I knew that the road in question lay in an area in which we were looking, so I agreed to a viewing that night. The result wasn't worth coming home early for. The road in question stretches into a fairly unpleasant part of town and guess where the property was. With its tiny kitchen and bathroom, this house's main advantage might have been its bedrooms and reception rooms. Sadly these were being let out and were mainly locked. I aborted the viewing. It was clearly not a property for us and I was annoyed to find myself viewing a property which was locked shut. What a waste of time. I told the estate agent, who was being apologetic about it, that I'd leave him to his embarrassment. I'm not a fan of estate agents.

I have a couple of gigs coming up. There's Salford university tonight, and then tomorrow I'm in Wellingborough. The headline act tomorrow is deaf and it would appear that they're bringing in sign language interpreters to open up access to the gig for deaf people. This is good, but as a musical act, I'm not sure what to expect. I've had to type up and send my song lyrics for them to help them learn how to sign me. This could be odd. Still it'll be good fun.

I also worked last night on an article for a computer magazine and on Season 2 of Lost. Disc two is now watched. I'd seen a lot of it before, but it now makes a lot more sense!

Note to self. Things need tidying and sorting out.


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