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Thursday, December 21

Life is a series of Decisions

Some of these decisions are clearly very small and innocuous - what shall I have for dinner? or which route shall I drive home from work?

Some of these decisions are more momentous.

Often, in life, we're at a fork in the road. One decision will cause our future to turn out quite differently than the alternatives. I think that we often underestimate the magnitude of such decisions, or even notice that we're making them.

This is where blogging comes in. If I have made an important decision over the course of the year, then surely it should have been noted down in my daily journal? Surely? We'll see. Tonight I was on the cusp of two futures. I had the instinct to go and see a Christmas comedy show in Brighton tonight - for I have time to kill with my girlfriend away for a couple of days - or I could just drive home and spend the night in. For reasons that were not apparent to me at the time, I decided not to bother with the trip to Brighton. I think that the fact that I am not a big fan of the particular comedian doing the Brighton show may have had something to do with it, though I'd just read a write-up suggesting that it was actually very good, and I had the urge to give the guy a chance. I've never seen him live.

I won't be seeing him live tonight.

Instead, I'm going to do a summary of the year on this blog. I'll probably not get the chance to write much more of it this year, so this shall be one of the last postings of the year.

I hope it works out interesting.

Thanks for reading all this crap, and spread the word. The point of sites like this is two-fold. Firstly, I need somewhere to write whatever it occurs to me to say. Secondly, the internet is a place to find something to read and be entertained with. Hopefully, this blog has been of some entertainment value this year. I reckon it's probably waxed and waned depending on my mood and what was in my diary. Either way, if you've spent any time reading it, then pass the message on. There should be more of the same old shit next year and I may as well reach more people - it's no more effort for me, and it somewhat vindicates me for putting the effort I do put in in.


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