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Wednesday, February 14

I'm Having an Andrew Lloyd-Webber Day

And why not? Some people consider the man to be a pariah and a cynical plagiarising businessman. I am not convinced that these are fair criticisms. I can see how ALW has managed to buy up a lot of the West End and make good business out of it. I can also see that he makes shows which are at least a popular success. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're lowest common denominator shows. In fact, he's written some shows which are much more Fringe in their appeal. It's not necessarily the case that his lesser successes are a guarantee that he's made something that's a work of art that's not been appreciated. It doesn't matter. I like listening to his soundtracks with few exceptions (Joseph is one notable exception).

I was reading another blog and the blogger had posted a video of the love song from The Woman In White. I decided to listen to the original soundtrack of this show, and it's set me on an Lloyd-Webber kick. Today I shall listen to only Lloyd-Webber soundtracks. That's how I'll celebrate Valentine's day. With my love of Andrew Lloyd-Webber. And also my love of Roger Lloyd-Pack. Well, I can't let ALW have the sole place in my affections. Sole? Place? For want of the letter "I", this is all getting desperately fishy.

ALW is definitely a good parodist. He can ape musical styles very well, and I think he borrows and adapts where necessary. In some cases, he reuses his own tunes or phrases. In fact, he has a definite signature in his writing. As a result, listening to one ALW musical can leave you thinking of another. I left my sole visit to The Woman In White humming tunes from Whistle Down The Wind. I like it when a composer's touch is so obvious in their work. It makes their entire catalogue a thing in itself. There are a few composers that I notice this about. I can blend the whole Lerner and Loewe catalogue together, and Alan Menken's writing is always a joy.

I remain a fan... of what is almost immaterial.

This morning, I approached the letterbox with trepidation. Would something come for me? Yes!

I have my copy of The Timewaster Letters, which I shall read on the train journeys I take tonight, to and from my gig. There is a blog I read which is similar. It's called the Customer Service Blog.

So, the day is going well.


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