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Friday, April 27

Poor Show

Very poor contribution to the blog yesterday. I was really not in the mood for saying anything and my day was divided between the meeting in which I came across as a discontented complainer and the grind of trying to motivate a team to do seven shades of not very much with a vague brief. If you know you're going to fail, it is hard to get motivated to get cracking. Life doesn't have to be like that and I'm still optimistic about there being a solution. To be honest, when I last quit a job in software I felt a similar lack of clear direction from above, but it doesn't quite bother me now as it did back then. I think now I know It's a biproduct of a very difficult problem, where then it was because the blind were leading the blind motivated by the deluded and fuelled by the stupid. Luckily the people who rode out the storm at my last company are in none of those categories. But I digress.

So I don't want to do a bad job or let people down. This is definitely the wrong week for caring, though. Outside of work I've been very busy. That has helped, though I've needed a come down to get into the evening out. Monday was the sketch show. Tuesday I had a gig which really built my confidence. Wednesday I went out for beer food and admiring of girls, though only respectfully. Tonight I'm out watching comedy, though it is too early to write about that. Last night was another night out with a friend eating drinking and chatting. I like spending time with people. People are good. Especially good people. That's positive, then.

To be honest, this is not the most interesting of weeks. Reading back to 2005 or 2004, I was learning and doing a lot more. I might have had house developments to discuss on here, but nothing much has happened in the place this week. Next week it all kicks off again. I think this weekend is where I have to get ready for that. So seeing Porgy and Bess before it closes might be out.

There's certainly something amiss at the moment. It might be something to do with the season, or maybe It's my age. I'm not feeling like I'm on top of things or cheerful, except when in the company of good people outside of work. Still there's all to play for as we go into May.


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