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Wednesday, June 20

Spam Timing

Well, I'm just commenting on how much fun it would be to deconstruct the random text after a spam mail, and guess what drops into my mailbox. Yup. Well, here's hoping I can weave it into some sort of sense. Bold is the spam, italics is me:

Well, wed proven what'll it hate confused be? Paddy Leonard asked.
Yes. I'm very confused, Paddy. You've proved that very easily

Funny trousers (the lesser known sequel to "Funny Girl" with Barbra Streisand) sight day two earth of them together
Ashes to ashes, funny trousers to funny strousers, earth to Major Tom

petite their bellies ou cautious visit Whither vivaciously toe away?
The way I see it is this. If you've got a petite belly, then you can probably fit in a smaller car, which offers greater parking opportunities, so you probably won't get towed away

Exploitable ground.object Is work coming! Is across snore coming!! Is coming!!!
Oh poor exploitable ground object. Your work is coming. It is going exploit you. It is going to make you tired and you will snore. IT'S COMING!!! Aaaaaaaaagh!

representative river sun wind O, excuse me!
The belching poet there. "Representative river. Sun. [BURP] - Sorry, wind. Oh, excuse me!"

From the Fathers Before fresh the parcel
Before fresh. Like it's so fresh it's not even fresh YET. That's what Dad's can do. They can put stuff in a parcel before it's even ready. Perhaps this is a metaphor for life itself. The father plants the pre-fresh seed in the mother - it becomes a parcel and, when it's ready, it's born. Fresh.

huge high door of theory the Irish shiver house
The shiver house is a Jewish tradition, and Ireland is more known as a Catholic country. However, it's not a huge high door of theory that some Irish people are Jews. I've met some.

of pa interfere I'll canvas bleach take surprise a stone ginger
Now. I was at that gig. The PA system wasn't working. The compere - a ginger - was surprised when I fixed it... and the "canvas bleach" is just poetry speak for "no microphone stand, so put the mic in your top pocket of your shirt, which was linen, not canvas, but it's close enough

So, in sumary. The man was confused about the Barbra Streisand film in which they had a funeral for an exploited man, who used to be a belching poet, and had some children before dying. He was Jewish (hence Barbra Streisand's involvement) and Irish and went to a gig once where the microphone didn't work.

It's a common tale.


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