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Tuesday, July 17

Cosmic Ordering

I was chatting to someone last night who runs a comedy club. I made a comment about the time I walked along the length of Broadway in New York with a script in my hand as a good luck charm for The Musical!. I should point out that I do not attribute the success of the show to this act, though the show was a success, so maybe my intention to wish success on the show through this act was realised, whether the act had anything to do with it or not.

The guy I was talking to told me about Cosmic Ordering. He explained that you ask for something and it might just happen. So, as a joke, I said that I'd have to ask the cosmos for a booking at his club. He was very positive and told me whom to contact and what to say. I had been joking.

Today, I received a call from the person he mentioned. I asked that person if their boss had told them to call me. They said no. I'd already been in touch by email and they were just following up. In fact, over the course of today I've received 3 comedy bookings for later on this year. Is this Cosmic Ordering paying off?


To quote an opposer of Cosmic Ordering - "It sounds like an opiate to dull the pain of reality". In other words it's just another system of beliefs to mystically link effects with causes, just to give one hope in an incomprehensibly complex universe. Not that having hope is a bad thing. In fact, remaining positive is a survival instinct that successful people use. I think what most probably happens is that those people who remain so chipper are more able to spot opportunities which have presented themselves and are more likely to capitalise on those opportunities. In addition, someone's conviction in something is very hard to question, so once that person has a foot on the right ladder, their confidence can take them most of the way up it.

Still, I had the nerve to joke with a comedy promoter about something which would affect my chances at a particular club. Though no individual club is the whole of the comedy world, there is a sort of snowball effect to breaking into the comedy scene. Once you've got going with enough clubs, the chances of building momentum and gathering more is increased. Part of this is down to having reached the right standard and confidence to progress. Part of this is just about being popular. Some comedians' time will never come. Some dogs will have their day.

I'm a dog.


A dog.



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