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Thursday, August 2

What A Day This Has Been

What a swell mood I'm in. Why it's almost like being in gloves. But that was yesterday.

I am writing this on what feels like Wednesday night, though it may technically be Thursday morning. It's been a hell of a day and I think I can call it a success. I woke up early enough to complete the rough draft of my article before having to leave the house. It was a slog. Then I packed the car and went to pick up a parcel from the post office. Such is life. Bizarrely, or perhaps predictably, the book that I bought, inspired by the recent Paris trip, was also bought last week by my Paris tripping colleague. Great minds think alike while bigger fools watch on and other fools rush in where eagles dare. I digress.

I travelled to London where I was due to watch The Drowsy Chaperone at 3. At 2 I was looking for somewhere to park near to where my evening's gig would be. As luck would have it, my book buying friend rang at that moment, and his knowledge of London got me a good recommendation for parking. I had time to buy lunch and run for the tube.

Though I'd failed to look up the theatre while at home with internet access, Google Maps on my mobile phone proved a perfect solution. I found the theatre in plenty of time and absolutely loved the show. Steve Pemberton of The League Of Gentlemen was in the lead role and Elaine Paige was in the title role. It was a lovely show and it is a real shame that it's closing so soon. I bought the Cd on the way out, which was over priced, but was, at least available to listen to immediately. I have a bunch of other musicals winging their way to me at the moment, but you can't listen to something while it is in the post, and I had a car journey to make.

Back near the car, I got my laptop and tried to use it at starbucks. I was able to edit my article to make it make sense. However their internet service was good enough only for me to be able to pay for a month's access, not good enough for me to get any meaningful service from it. Oh dear.

I drove to where the gig would be held, found another starbucks, paid for more access, just to get the password from the first time, and got my emails flowing and my article sent off. Somehow, at both the shopping centre and this starbucks my nutter magnet was in full swing. I don't know why I attract them, but I do. At the shopping centre, I got a lecture on credit card cloning from a clean drunken man. I tried to shake his hand as a way of saying goodbye, but he smartly held on to it, so I was trapped both physically and socially. I managed to release his grip with a good natured 'and now we're releasing the hand shake like this' and he seemed affable enough, just a bit lonely and fervent. It was like looking in a mirror. In starbucks, there was a young chap who had either mental health issues or just a disability and poor social skills. He was insistent on chatting even though I was engrossed in my computer and checking texts and making calls. He was also fervent and I chatted absent mindedly to him as I tapped away. He knew I was busy and seemed undeterred.

I wonder why social outcasts talk to me so. Do I have an approachable look? Do I talk back too nicely? Do they see me as a kindred nutter spirit? Is it my training as a voluntary patron of the homeless folks? I don't know.

The gig wasn't easy, but I did well enough. I had the room laughing and applauding mid song at the end, which is a good sign. The journey following it was long but was accompanied by various musicals and or radio 4 programmes.

Now I'm in Leeds at a friend's house. I am zooming up to Newcastle tomorrow. There is work to do and prospective tenants to show around.


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