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Thursday, October 18

Hung, Drawn and Quoted

Unsurprisingly, I woke up with something of a sore head. It wasn't the stinking hangover I might have expected, but it wasn't entirely pleasant either. I didn't want to miss a lift back to the office from the hotel, so efficiently provided by my employer, so I sorted myself out and went to breakfast. I breakfasted for a while with various colleagues. I was on the fruit and toast. I needed to regain my system, but I didn't want to touch the fried breakfast.

After a time we headed back to the office and got ready for the presentation that we were due to make that lunchtime. It was a "lunch and learn" session. Lunch was pizza and the learning was a lecture on a particular project we're working on. It can be hard doing public speaking - even harder when you're hung over.

I think the session was a success. My co-presenting colleagues thanked me for my involvement and I made the mistake of taking the compliment, rather than, perhaps, thanking them in return. I think I did thank them, but perhaps I just automatically went into more self-interested graciousness, rather than more proactive encouragement of them for their efforts.

I don't know. Maybe I overthink things.

I overthink things.

I ended up eating a lot of the pizza from the lunch provided. The main reason for this was because I had to sort out my deficit of brain and constitution. Alcohol I can cope with, but I need the help of food. I proved that the previous day.

My day finished in time for me to head home to meet the plasterer - I got a subway sandwich too (such was my need for calories and substance in my stomach). The plasterer said something like "Yes, I can plaster this. Why don't you box those pipes in with plasterboard and I'll plaster over them." and "I'll replaster that thing which has been bothering you". All of this was good and, as the plasterer left, with an hour before B&Q shut, I zoomed over to B&Q to pick up what I needed.

I should point out that, while waiting for the plasterer to arrive, I had started another DIY project. I'd started taking up the floorboards in my kitchen so that I could take any nails out of them and then put them back down again with screws so they could be tiled over. I also needed to scrape off some surplus lino from them.

At B&Q I bought timber, not wood, no, timber. I also bought some plasterboard. I bought a shelf, some brackets, various screws and some roller refils - the painting wasn't for now. The plan was to go home and tackle three DIY projects simultaneously - the simultaneous aspect was a way of enabling the drill to recharge in between times. The projects were:
  • Finish the floorboard removal and re-fixing
  • Install the shelf in my bedroom
  • Build the boxing around the pipes for the plasterer to plaster over
I worked until 1am. I completed all three projects with the exception of attaching a couple of pieces of plasterboard, which I had cut accurately enough, as I'd run out of screws, and attaching the shelve to the brackets it was sitting on, as I didn't have the right screws. But for screws, my 3 projects had been completed. Luckily, I'd had plenty of the screws to screw down the floorboards, or I'd still have a hole in my floor.

Extreme DIY adventure. Not bad at the end of a day which started with a headache in a remote hotel room.


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