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Monday, October 1

Tell Me Why

I got into work early so that I would be able to leave earlier. I ran around all day in a series of meetings. I don't get the time to go to the toilet at work, there are so many meetings, many of which run into each other. I considered going to get some lunch at some point, but then couldn't be bothered. I was feeling low and I was feeling harrassed and I just got through the day.

At a designated moment, I left the office. I'd managed to get a banana in me from the fruit bowl which I instituted on our bank of desks. I must restock the fruit bowl sometime soon.

I drove home, quickly changed into biking gear, cycled to the station and found myself on a train in short order. I was feeling quite tense and tired. I then listened to the recording I'd made of last night's gig. This had the effect of cheering me up quite a bit. The bit in the set where I broke the audience down and the set became a lot more relaxed was about the point when even I, listening to myself do material I know rather well, recorded on a crappy recording device, found myself chuckling a little.

Note: at a moment of extreme tension, a very silly image or joke can actually turn the day around. This happened with my yoghurty Darth Vader at the hairdressers the previous week, and it could happen again.

I finished chuckling on the train and even wished I had more time to listen to the rest of the set, but I had to get my bike back and head off to the theatre in which I was due to do some sound/lighting things.

I jumped on the bike and channelled all my frustrations and other negative energies into my legs. I know that I'm probably losing weight because some of these cycle rides on an empty stomach, are burning off my reserves. I know this is not a healthy approach. I don't care. I burned some rubber and battled my way to Highbury and Islington tube, where the theatre is located.

I had to learn some changes to the running order and cues. I also wanted to test the CD. I didn't mention it to the cast, but the CD they gave me actually didn't work. I ran it through my computer (which I brought "just in case") and made a copy of it which then did work. I didn't worry them because I had it under control. I also made a CD of some music I quite fancied listening to on a big PA system. They then told me not to play that stuff because it was a bit downbeat.

It was their show and I played what they wanted.

They did the show and I teched. I think I did a reasonably good job. Their show went well. They even got forced into an additional curtain call.

I was proud of them. In fact, I love being their techie. For the duration of doing for them what they want me to do, I am spirited away from my own problems and put in a world where things are funny and I can at least help a little.

I scooted from the venue back to the railway station and then straight onto a train back to Reading. Still hadn't eaten. So, I went to Tesco. The sandwiches and salads section was totally empty. I believe I swore. I did find some food though, including some apples and a big smoothie. I like smoothies.

When I'd finished eating my stomach felt very full. I don't know if I ate too much too quickly, or simply whether my stomach is no longer my own. I used to be able to eat loads. Now, I barely can eat "much". Plus, my job means that I seldom have time to take a shit, and then, when I do, there's bugger all that comes out. I mean. What's the point? Being fat, at least you get to make a meal of a poo.

Not literally.

I was in bed early enough to read. Then I stopped reading.

What a day!


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