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Thursday, May 1

A Little Better

I woke up feeling human. This was to give me false confidence about how well I actually was. It was only as I started to feel even heavier than the obvious weight gain I've accumulated, during my morning shower, that I realised that today wouldn't be much fun.

I had a job interview to conduct today, so lying in bed whimpering was simply not an option. I need to get someone in to help us on the project, so I went into the office and took one for the team. My first message of the day was something along the lines of "your job interview hasn't been cancelled but it's probably a waste of time". I correlated this message with a phone message from the candidate saying he wasn't coming. I realised that the email was telling me that he was coming despite the fact that he said he wasn't. Hmmm.

Somehow the time for the interview came quickly and the candidate did arrive. I set him on his test and returned to my desk to do something or other. I know that it involved some coding. Then I did the spoken part of the interview. Good candidate, possibly the wrong job.

Quite how the day passed, I can't be sure. I know that we were trying to solve some problems as a team and that these problems have, in fact, been solved. It's nice working as a team as you can claim an involvement in any triumph, even if you yourself didn't create the success single-handedly. That's my view. I know that we couldn't have gotten to the possible success point of this evening if it hadn't been for the efforts of everyone combined. I know that we had a brief low moment, but that there was a nice big hands-in-the-air success to celebrate before the day was out.

For my own part, I followed various theories through, writing code to do stuff. In all cases, I was writing code to avoid situations that we didn't think could or would arise, but if they did arise, then perhaps the code should avoid them. In one case, I had a bit of knowledge that something might be amiss with a bit of the code, and no evidence that this particular weakness would be probed by anything in real life. However, I did "reckon" that it might be possible for this weakness to be exploited in a situation that I had been told wasn't the case somewhere. The somewhere in question, however, seemed to have an impossible problem, so I implemented the fix that would solve the problem that couldn't happen, using a theory and a guess as to what it was.

If the Belgians are now working, as a result of the code I wrote today, I demand several pints of celebratory liquid.

As yesterday, I came home at a reasonable hour with the sole intent of getting as much sleep as possible. I need to shake off this cold. The weekend is not going away!


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