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Sunday, May 11

Something's Gotta Give

I'm looking forward to August when I'll be mentally busy every day doing stand-up etc, but I won't be doing the long car journeys. It will be intense, but I know how to keep my energy up and how to be healthy while having the car-journey/work-free change which turns the stand-up from a part-time job into a full-time holiday.

Today, something had to give. As always, it was the healthy eating. I nearly managed a few days of healthy eating last week, but the weekend drew me toward the dark recesses of naughtiness.

Such are weekends.

A quick run down of today. Are you ready?

I woke up with a slight hangover from last night's debauchery. It was about 9.30. We had to leave at 10. In fact, we left late. I take the blame. I was too slow to get going and then had to sort out a few loose ends with the neighbour. So, it was 10.45 when, equipped with sandwiches from the co-op, we headed down south away from Newcastle.

My hangover had two dimensions. There was the general "being poisoned and dehydrated" aspect of it. There was also a distinct lack of hearing in my left ear. This was inconvenient as it was the ear next to my in-car companion, causing much repetition in his side of the conversation. The left ear was affected as I'd been sitting with the DJ to my left in the pub in which we ended up dancing late into the night. Though he was playing vinyl, which apparently sounds better, he was playing it loudly, which apparently destroys the ability for you to be able to tell, ever again.

I've blethered about hangovers in place of explaining what happened on the journey - we drove and stopped at services occasionally. Then we got to Reading. I took a quick rest break there and then drove to Southampton where I picked up two people for the gig in Newbury. Arriving at Newbury, we found out that an act was stranded back in Reading, so I went back to Reading to pick him up. Then back to Newbury. Then there was the gig, which was fun.

I closed the gig and then drove the two acts back to Southampton before returning to Reading where I, not unsensibly, became insensible with sleep and slept.

In between all the driving, snack food was purchased. One has to keep vaguely conscious during the long drives - injections of carbs, proteins and fats seem to do the trick.

I'll eat more fruit. I promise.


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