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Tuesday, July 8

A Long Time In Politics

Time has really gone mental for me. I feel like this week has already lasted forever and that it has been ages since I wrote my last blog post (which was, in fact written about 48 hours ago, though I'll fill in the blanks in a minute so I'll look like a liar).

Not only has the Monday and Tuesday seemed to take an age, but the events of exactly a week ago seem almost like they happened on another planet. Perhaps the weekend had a time-stretching effect, given that it was deeply restorative, included an extra day (of leisure time on a Friday) and was some 405 miles away from here. I'll blame the weekend for putting last week way out of the picture. It only goes to show that what can prey on one's mind one day, can be almost totally forgotten within 7. Go me for spotting obsessive behaviour just before it goes totally overboard... ok, just after.

So, here we are. My expected pile of washing is smaller than I imagined, because I've not been out the house as long as it feels like I have. I could claim to have lived here yesterday, but that would be a euphemism for having paid the bills while not actually being here. Something I can do in two houses simultaneously - perhaps a new world record!?

Tonight I drove from work on a conference call, which I completed while languishing in my bedroom. I then cycled to the railway station and took a train to London, where I further cycled to a gig in Islington, returning home after about 11 miles of biking and a cracking night. I was to MC the gig, which had two comedians doing extended sets. Each comedian is someone I admire in very different ways.

So I had a lovely time.

There are no real comic or emotional twists to this entry. I could talk of texting away over the course of the day, but I wouldn't share the contents of the texts and you'd go "So what, so do teenage girls, like, you know, totally" and I'd be like "Yeah, you're not the boss of me" and you'd be like "Shuh, what gives dude" and I'd be like "That's not even proper talking innit" and you'd be "Mnyuhuh" and I'd be like "Are you trying to sound like a black teenager and failing because you've no idea how they sound" and I'd be like... totally silenced.

So let's not go there brother.



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