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Monday, November 17

Today Is Broken

I should have known how today would go from the off. I received a phone call in my morning bleary state. I spoke for a short while and then my phone died. In my attempt to reset it, by removing the battery, I managed to drop the battery down the back of the bed. Before I knew it, I was pulling a big mattress around and cursing the foolishness of morning butter fingers.

Work wasn't the best fun today as we continued our trawl through the "bucket of shit". This was followed by something which is neither fun nor non-fun - personal reviews. In this case, I was conducting them. I did three. Back to back. There were 30 minute buffers planned between them. These buffers were used up. In the end, it fried my brain. I think the process was given due attention, but my brain melted.

I left the office late, went to the supermarket, ate some food, tried to get started on the DIY - it wasn't going well. In the end, I successfully cut a piece of MDF to exactly the wrong shape and size. That's that stuffed.

I then had a tantrum. It was a fairly silent tantrum. I just had to get away from the task in hand, rather than scream and shout and break things. So I did. I was wrung out and miserable. The day was totally broken.

In an attempt to fix something in my life, though, I managed to order a new keyboard for my laptop. At least I'll be able to type comfortably again soon, provided I don't bust the computer when I try and fit the thing. It will involve prying expensive equipment open... Oh dear!

Is there an up to this down down deeper and down tale? Well, a little. I recorded a draft of a song I'm working on. It required some computer-based multi-track recording. I didn't need to think too hard about production quality, just make enough of a demo to show how the song fits together. I showed it to a friend. It's still too long. It can be sped up, but then it sounds a bit weird. So more work to do. The side effect of this process was that I got the song stuck in my head again! Why why why!?

A final up to the day - I read a couple of scripts I either wrote or half-wrote a while ago. They had some definite funny bits in. I enjoyed them.

It's odd being me.


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