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Thursday, March 5

A Wale of a time

A gig tonight in Wales. The absence of the Sat Nav was a problem. My mobile phone made something of a stand-in, but the battery threatened not to hold out.

It was interesting how the phone managed to grip magnetically to the Sat Nav holder. That was handy. It was frustrating that the reason I couldn't use the Sat Nav was something so stupid as a failing-to-function 12v power outlet in the car. What was more disturbing, though, was the description of how this may have been caused to fail - essentially, one of my fellow comics suggested a sequence of drug-ridden events that might cause the problem. It's a car cigarette lighter, why does it have to end up being drug-related... oh yeah... tobacco is a drug. Sometimes I forget. In our smoke-free culture, I forget.

The gig itself was curious. That's the best way to describe a night which had me guessing at the route to a venue, worrying about a mobile phone battery going flat. Unable to work out where the hell I really was with the tin-pot GPS that is inside the phone, and then arriving at a venue where the sound system hadn't been set up and the audience were virtually in single figures.

Then they destroyed the first act... with kindness. They tried to help and find him funny, but the chemistry just wasn't there. It all ended up being a little awkward and funny off the beat. One particular audience member took the dialogue-based nature of stand-up a bit too much to heart and piped up with suggestions to join in. It was very odd indeed. There was amusement in the room.

I did something on stage while the first act was rushed to the station - largely to make his train, rather than because he was so keen to leave Wales. I think I enjoyed what I did, so that was good.

I scored good points for remembering to bring my mobile phone charger with and remembering to plug it into the phone to try to get some juice for the return journey (remember, the cigarette lighter is knackered so the normal in-car-charging route is a no-no). However, I lost those points (and some) by knocking the plug of the charger slightly out of the socket so no actual charging happened.

I'm not still in Wales, so it can only be concluded that I worked out how to get out of the place.


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