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Tuesday, April 28

An Unconventional Sort of Night In

I had nothing booked for tonight on the old gig schedule. This would be my catch to catch up on laundry, perhaps make a meal, do some paperwork, maybe even alphabetise my CDs.

Bollocks to all that.

I decided I would guilt myself into going on the bike. The easiest way to do that is to book something which pretty much requires me to get on the bike to achieve the booking. Though comedy has been responsible for a lot of the road-side eating which has gotten me in to this unhealthy mess, it can also get me into the cycling frenzy that I enjoyed last summer, and may enjoy again if I keep at it.

So, I looked around for a Tuesday night gig. Then I contacted the organiser and asked if I might use their stage to try out some new material. I, of course, refer to the new songs I'm trying to coerce into some sort of performable shape. Then, once I'd committed to this act, it was simply a case of getting started with the new version of the night. I had, however, been warned that the gig may be low turnout or even a non-starter.

I drove home, got changed, cycled some washing between various stages of the laundry process, and then cycled to the station (one of these involved an actual bike). Then, on the train, I wrote out the latest versions of the new songs. This took the whole train journey. I'm a slow writer. Most of the idea of writing the songs down was to commit them to memory. This often works. Having to re-write something without resorting to the original version is one of the ways I learn stuff. Another way to learn something is with a tune...

Anyway, I arrived in London and headed towards the venue. Now, I know where the venue is from the tube, but I've never cycled there. I know my way around London to a point. A lot of it is knowing where some things are in relation to each other. So, I knew I'd find the way to where I was going. I also knew I'd take an inefficient route... oh, but goal one of the night was exercise. Clever thinking porky!

Best explain some of the other goals of the night. There was the goal to try out the songs and also the goal to work on material, something I knew I wouldn't be in the mood to do if I were sitting at home.

Despite the fact that the gig was cancelled - I'm not going to soft-soap that - I still had a cracking time. I got out of the house and managed to clock up a few miles on the back. I'd like to say that I know how many miles, but I accidentally reset my cycle computer while I was in Tesco, at about 10pm after I'd quit the cancelled.

The train journy was a good chance to read a book. So I read a book. And I also listened to "Beth" a woman who doesn't realise that the phone does the work of conveying your voice so you don't have TO SHOUT!.

Back home for food and emailing. I won't get chance for ironing before bed. There's showering and Doctor Who watching to do instead!

Note: I normally write blog entries a few hours, days, or months after 11:59 on the official day of the post. This entry was posted at the 11:59 time for real. Wow. In-day blogging!

Note2: No, I'm not ready to twitter


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