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Saturday, March 20

Warming Up

Blah blah blah Richard Herring does this. Yatter yatter yatter, it's hard to write. Etc etc etc.

On a more interesting note, the work of Richard Wiseman is always very enjoyable and I think he's covered some of the self-help aspects of writing, which is why I've come to write a few words of blog at 11:37 this Saturday morning, with an impending sense of needing to move my arse coming over me.

I've finished revamping the technological aspects of the parent site of this blog -, so at the very least, I feel like I have a platform for blogging and having stuff online that's at least remotely viable for the next year or so. A lot of information coming from my ISP and also from Blogger was telling me that it would all stop working... around about now, really.

However, with a Twitter widget on the front page, and a more blogger-hosted site to play with, I feel like I've pretty much got myself back into the spirit of the decade. It's a delicious amusement that the first post on this blog, in its current form appears to come from 1st January 1970 - 4 years and nearly 2 months before I was born. Why would this be? If I were an annoying comedian, like the Australian I saw during the Fringe last year, I would declare a whole bunch of half-formed theories on what this meant. Given that I'm a geek, I'll simply tell you that 1st January 1970 at midnight is what's known as The Epoch - it's the point in time from which all other times in modern computing are calculated. It's Zero time. If computers were to form a religion, they would "think" that the earth was created in the 70's.

And is that more ridiculous than any other notions of creationism?

So. I'm about to try to pull together enough of the elements of my Edinburgh show to be able to do a run through next week. Scary stuff. I prepared for this by taking my girlfriend to work, first thing, which is nice for us, and is also a nice way to ensure I don't lose all of Saturday morning to sleeping. I then went to Tesco where I had breakfast in the company of Nietzsche - not him, so much, but one of his books. Then I bought a bra and some tights (not for me).

After the road system threatened to block my route home, I ended up back in the house with the kittens for company and a vague sense of purpose.

I think my displacement activity has almost come to an end. Wish me luck. I'm going in!


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