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Sunday, June 8

Further to my pointless limerick of the other day, I should point out that I don't plan to quit my job. However, I do plan to do a large number of things this year that are not within the office where I work. These mainly involve performances of some description. I'm in Edinburgh for the whole of the festival (the Fringe guide arrived yesterday - there's plenty to see) both watching and performing. I've got My Fair Lady at The Gala Theatre, Durham to perform at the end of this month. There are trips to make (London for a meeting on Tuesday and Liverpool for some comedy performance on Thursday) this week. There are various shows to see and gigs to perform in July too. All in all, a busy few months lie ahead.

So, how do I prepare for the glut of activity ahead? Well, this weekend was definitely the calm before the storm and I still managed to see a musical and a half. The musical was Miss Saigon in Birmingham and the half was the first Act of West Side Story (from my now-half-watched DVD).

Going to Birmingham involves some driving and Steve managed well as both company and chauffeur. Despite his arguing over the rules of CNPS, we both reached the rank of 23 together. However, to satisfy him, I independently re-reached 23 (he discounted my 22) and moved on to 24 today. Undoubtedly, he will outrank me soon enough.

I managed to spend some time in the garden before the rains came - this is good, since I did some gardening, even better since the plants can now grow better and make use of the rain, now the weeds have been removed from their light and soil. Sadly, the fence construction project has gone nowhere - I should have tackled it today, but chose sleeping and staying dry as higher priorities.

Today I did something I'd not done in a long time - a huge quantity of kitchen-based craft. I baked an apple and rhubarb crumble. The rhubarb came from the garden - a staggering 750g, rather than the paltry 250g from last year's harvest. There could possibly be more to come, now I've removed the infestation of weeds from the vicinity of the rhubarb plants. The crumble has been divided into 8 portions, and contains a total of 100g of fat (low fat margarine and all that), so hopefully I'll manage to get around to eating it all, while simultaneously not affecting my waistline. Sadly a portion of last year's entered the bin directly from the freezer without passing go and collecting 200 pounds today. I also made a pizza, which I've not done in quite some time - perhaps not more than once this year (too many time-consuming rehearsals).

Add to that the fact that I've spent much of the day washing, ironing or moving a scourer around in bowl of washing up... well, it's been a day of domestic bliss. Or a day of working as my own house-maid. I'm happy either way.

I had intended to enter a song into the UK Songwriting Contest over the course of today. I'll have to wait until next weekend to do that. Hopefully I'll have had chance to get my recording software installed by then, so I can use the laptop as a portable studio.

Updated: 24/4/2012 - I have changed the Miss Saigon link to a website that someone asked me to change it to. Follow it at your own discretion.


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