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Thursday, January 6

Today's highlights
Nothing particularly good happened today. In fact, it's been one calamity after another in some regards. Perhaps calamity is too strong a word. Events have either been disappointing or requiring of effort. To someone who prefers the easy life, this is akin to calamity. To me, it's been one of those days you breeze through with as much cheer as possible.

I had a head melting 3 hours of meetings all morning, which were as frustrating as they were productive. Surely that makes no sense, but it's how it was. The potential emergent plan, if we calculate it correctly, could be a really good thing. The route there is just messy. Work. Pah. Can't live with it, can't live without the money.

I found out that one of my fellow Newcastle residents is quitting the city. Despite my desire to keep local chums in the locality (more along the lines of it being convenient to see people who live close, rather than it being "keep your friends close and your enemies closer") I heaped my encouragement on this person to celebrate their brave decision to try something new. I'm allowed to miss them when they're gone, so it's fair enough.

I was involved in a technical support problem that's clearly going to go down the toilet. It's bad when someone has a problem, it's worse when they get a sodding attitude about it. Problems happen. We tolerate a whole bunch of shit from our computers all the time. We told this customer that we cared about trying to solve their problem but needed to know exactly what they were doing so we could investigate it. The customer came back with a whole bunch of attitude about our attempts to help her. Her point is that she's a braindead vindictive bitch with no patience. Sorry. That's my point. Her point was that it is my company that is paid to solve the problem, not her, so why should she give us loads of information. I'd like to see her try this with a doctor:

Dumbass-bitch: Doctor, I am in pain.
Doctor: Where does it hurt?
Dumbass-bitch: You tell me, you're the one with the medical qualifications?
Doctor: On which part of you does it hurt?
Dumbass-bitch: I've screamed in agony 12 times already. Isn't that enough?
Doctor: It could hurt you anywhere, it will help me cure you if you just gave me a clue.
Dumbass-bitch: Oh for goodness sake. I'm far too busy with my own job to spend time on this. It's somewhere below my waist.
Doctor (pressing on her knee): Is it here?
Dumbass-bitch: Well, obviously it's something like that. Can't you just give me a cure for something that your last patient had and we'll see if that works?
Doctor: It's unlikely to make sense to prescribe athlete's foot powder for a pain. Does this problem happen often? Can you tell me what you're doing when it happens.
Dumbass-bitch: Actually, I think I know what I'll do. I'll shoot myself in the head with this gun.
Doctor: I think that would be the best solution. Here, put this bin bag on your head so we don't get too much splashback on the walls from your brains.
Dumbass-bitch: I don't think my brains would do much splashing, since they don't actually exist.

Very frustrating. I sent a long email to this fuckwit explaining why telling us stuff was good. I also told her that her work was a load of rubbish. I know she'll like that.

The bike was adjusted before my ride home tonight and it seems that my suspicions about its saddle slowly lowering itself were founded. I now have a higher riding position and it's a great deal more comfortable. I found myself steering the bike onto Westgate Hill, which was not my original intention when I set home. Still, I got up the hill, got into the house, changed my shirt (I was wearing a new one, which I bought yesterday and which I really like - I may buy another like it) and even had time to have another listen to my Bond Theme backing track before setting off for my evening's rehearsal.

I did a lot of standing about in tonight's rehearsal. Things are due to get more taxing, so I should be thankful for the small mercy of not being pushed too far this evening.

There'll be more blog entries to read in the near future. Until then, it's farewell to a day which can be summarised as meeting-farewell-whingeing-cycling-rehearsing-tastic... but probably shouldn't be.


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