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Monday, April 25

I woke up at a number of points over the morning. It started with the "Oh dear, that's too early, I'll just get a bit more sleep". Then I got to "I'll just get up in a minute". Then there was a slightly urgent bit of dreaming, which I punctuated my opening my eyes to view the clock - that was at "oh shit, I'm going to be late" o'clock.

I almost jumped out of bed. I certainly left the bed quickly. After ablutions that were cursory in all respects, except for oral hygiene (the use of mouthwash seems the best way to rid myself of my tonsil infection), I jumped into the car and headed to work.

I always arrive just in time... to be slightly, but not quite too, late. Damn. I wish I could be early. Maybe if I could get out of bed fully dressed - perhaps I should sleep in my clothes.

At lunch I bumped into the girl-at-work-who-has-recently-put-on-a-lot-of-weight. She was buying just a salad. I hope that helps her. She's really putting me off the idea of eating chocolate.

The afternoon was spent tying up loose ends. I nearly wrote some code. Maybe one day I'll actually sit down, concentrate and create something again. I'd like that. In a break during the afternoon, I found out (in much the same way that I'd found out about Lee Evans's departure from The Producers) that Julie Walters is stepping down from Acorn Antiques: The Musical and that the production is likely to resign with her. Yowser. It's only just started. Well, it's been running since February, but it's weeks, barely months. I thought that it might be a nice idea to catch the show before it finishes. Sadly, I don't have very much time available to see it before the 3rd week of May when it closes. Work, gigs, and other commitments are bound to get in the way. Anyway, the ticketing websites all suggest that it's pretty much sold out.

In the evening, after getting home and having some food. I came upstairs to the computer to spend the evening in front of it writing this blog and trying to get it up to date. Just for reference, the last 3 days' worth of this blog were written today. This is quite an up-to-date entry in my mind. It may not be posted for a while as I'm trying to catch up with all the entries I would have made had I not been a lazy-ass bugger over the course of the last few weeks. I'll post the entries in order of when they should be read. However, I think I'll burn the candle at both ends and try to keep the latter days up to date before writing the earlier days. Not important for the narrative, but an indication of how much effort it can be to stay up to date with a blog and get back up to date if you lose a day or two. I shall try to learn my lesson and keep blogging frequently.

This evening, while pottering, I found a website which suggests that it might hold a stock of Acorn Antiques: The Musical tickets. I don't know if they do. If so, then I may find myself the proud owner of some cheap but nice seats to see the show in a couple of weekends' time. If they don't have stock, then I'm no worse off. I'll find out in the next 48 hours.

This week is currently not putting much pressure on me, but things will change soon, no doubt. I'll probably go to a gig tomorrow night, and I would like to see Jesus Christ Superstar, an amateur production of which is on at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle this week. That should be Wednesday. On Thursday, I go to Edinburgh for a brief comedy tour. I'm in Scotland all weekend. We're going to the Highlands for several shows. Should be quite a challenge. On Monday I need to be back in the area as I'm due at a gig in Bridlington - thank goodness for bank holidays. Next Tuesday, I shall be ready for a good rest! The fact that I've had tonsilitis means that I'm not feeling totally fit for performing. I'll have to just rely on the fact that it's naturally getting better and that the Doctor reckons that using my voice won't make my condition deteriorate.

Good luck to me...

A bit of net searching led me to Bill Bailey's website. I had earlier watched a recording of Bill Bailey doing a duet with Billy Bragg at Glastonbury. They were playing Bill's Billy tribute song - "Unisex Chip Shop". On Bill's website, I read his blog - which is very sparse indeed, and discovered the story behind this duet. In fact, the story was related quite similarly on the recording which is online here. Basically, Bill, a Billy Bragg fan, was wandering around, bumped into Billy and was told that Billy was going to sing his song and would he like to join in... Wow. Imagine being in that position. You've written a tribute song to someone and they sing it with you as a tribute to your writing. To put it in my own context (thus showing how unlikely it is to happen to me), it would be a bit like Eric Clapton saying "Hey Ashley. I like what you've done with Layla, please will you duet with me.". I'd have to reply... "Er... okay, Eric, but you'd better play guitar. I'll do the Yoda impression and masturbation gags... thank you..."

I don't expect that to happen. Ever. Well, not this year, anyway.


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