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Saturday, July 16

After work on Friday, I headed to Reading to be with the love of my life. The road is long, with many a winding turn. However, I've made the journey several times before, so I didn't get lost. Frustratingly this wasn't to be a full weekend's visit, as I had a gig on the Sunday night in Berwick upon Tweed.

Anyway, after a Friday evening in, coupled with the bounty of the all-night garage, we set off from the house on Saturday in search of Longleat. We found Stonehenge. It wasn't quite like that. We'd changed the plan mid-drive. It turned out that we'd get to Longleat - a sort of safari-park type of a thing - a bit later than would really be sensible and so we decided to reserve the visit for a day when we'd been less lazy and gotten up earlier to do it. In fairness, we were both very tired and needed the rest of a lie-in. So, we went to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is quite impressive and I'm glad I went there. It wasn't a religious experience for me, but it was interesting to be in the wake of the rocks put in a circle for some reason or other by people of ancient times. The portable handset/speaking tour thing gave no definite reason for the positioning of the stone, but they seem to have been positioned according to some empirical measurements of time. Fair enoughski. It's still impressive, even if they were put there for a laugh!

After walking around looking at the stones from different angles we visited the gift shop where I nearly broke a "Stonehenge shot glass". Whoops. We left the place via a visit to their cafe, where we bought "Stonehenge rock cakes". Brilliant! They were a good idea and were nice large carbohydrate rich comestibles. That's what I like!

After Stonehenge, there's only one place to go. Bath. Actually, that's probably not a rule as much as what I can empirically deduce from the only time I've visited "The Henge".

In Bath we tried to make the most of the city in the time available. We took a bus tour, which showed us much of the compact city centre. In places it showed us it a few times. The guide was quite a character, attempting to crack very poor jokes throughout. Still, it kept it interesting.

After the tour we went to a restaurant for an evening meal. Very pleasant indeed. Being together in a couple is just that. Very very pleasant indeed. We had nice food, good company, good surroundings. It was like a date.

Returning back to the house, we watched Shrek 2. I think the cat watched a little too. Like Shrek 1, I wasn't all that fussed by it. Shrek 1 broke me down by the end and I enjoyed it. This one left me fairly unbothered, though it was nice to play "guess the voice" with the cast of celebrities playing the characters.

I'm glad we made the most of the day as I had a busy day to come and we weren't going to be spending much of it together.


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