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Monday, July 11

The weekend had passed by without event. We had originally been going to go to London to spend time with my sister. However, there had been a rethink. The events of the 7th July had undoubtedly influenced our thinking, but we also had to recognise that the plan of having my girlfriend in Newcastle for the whole summer wasn't working out as planned. She'd intended to get a job and earn some cash for her holiday. That hadn't panned out, and there was some stuff for her to do back in Reading. So, we'd enjoyed our weekend together in Newcastle, and she would return to her family home on the Monday. I wasn't looking forward to the separation, but could easily head down on weekends and would.

The only thing I have noted down about the weekend was that we spent Friday night at the bowling alley, bowling, and subsequently playing pool. Apart from that I mowed the lawn. Whoop!

Not only was Monday a turning point in the plan for the summer, but it was also a day of rethinking things in the office. The rethinking finished in time for me to drive to my gig in Chorlton, Manchester.

I was on second in the middle section and the preceding act died. I had an easier job as a result. That sounds horrible, but it's just the way gigs go. If the act before you dies it usually makes your job really hard or really easy. I was lucky in that it was an audience who were up for it and so the preceeding act's antics gave them a hunger for someone to go in and be confident and funny enough to make them laugh. Apparently I was. I had a good time.

I watched the closing act and really enjoyed his stuff, which was good as he was doing an extended set. Then I drove home, hoping to see my girlfriend's car still outside my house, despite the fact that I knew she was going back to Reading. It wasn't there. Shame!


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