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Wednesday, July 20

I mentioned that we'd been working up to an important meeting/demonstration. Today was the last day before big meeting. Everything went wrong. Colleagues broke the software two times over and a machine died. Not a good thing. However, we sorted it all out and then I headed off to my gig.

I hadn't originally intended to do this gig, but they went an act down and while they could have managed without me, I decided that I could support the team more by doing it than by leaving them to it. In addition, I wanted the promoter of the gig to see me do my thing. The gig was another preview of the comedy show we'll be doing at the Fringe. There wasn't much of an audience and our preview was only half of the total show. The second half was to be Rob Deering, doing a preview of his Fringe show - 12 Inch. I didn't really want to be on the stage too close to Rob. He's an excellent musician and I'm... well, I can get by with an instrument or two.

So, I opened the show. It was a slow start, but there was some nice big laughs. So, job done.

Rob's show looked really good. I skipped the end of it to go and chat to my young lady - the girlfriend, that is, not some random young lady. I'm 100% faithful to my girlfriend and will even avoid any unwanted female attention where I can. I do that by using my generally unattractive looks, though apparently, I do look more attractive now I shave less and now I wander round with a bit more spring in my step through being in love with my girlfriend. So now they're interested... or at least, it's convenient for me to think that they might be and that I'm turning them down of my own free will.

I only mention all this attractive to women stuff after I gave someone my mobile number - as comedians sometimes too to colleagues and then got a text soon after. I thought, perhaps, that there may have been some ambiguity, so I made some comment in my reply about chatting to my girlfriend on the phone. That seemed to unambiguously, yet also indirectly, convey the message that I'm not available. What I should have said was "where were you when I was single?" but that might have been confusing.


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