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Thursday, November 29

Near Miss... Nearly

It's been a day of car-related near misses. I've been especially cautious about the car since I had to take it to be mended and the woman essentially said "What did you do?" which wasn't fair since I didn't do anything... it just kinda happened to me. Anyway, I had a meeting off site today, which I knew about, and which I'd prepared for by parking somewhere near the exit where I couldn't be easily double-parking-ed in. I'd even arrived at the office early enough to do this, though the reason I arrived early wasn't for parking.

I arrived early enough to receive an email explaining that I'd opened my mouth to put my foot in it. I later solved this problem in some manner of speaking by opening my mouth to put pasta in, but I digress.

When it was time to leave for the meeting, I had to back out of my car parking space and I was far too close to the cars behind for comfort. It took a lot of wangling, but I made it and I didn't get close enough for damage. Result.

One late-running session with the meetingees later and I was home for a quick change and decided to back out of my street. Thankfully I noticed the pram being pushed behind the car, or that would have gotten messy. Very messy. Thinking about it, that might have happened this morning, rather than this evening, but the memory is cheating on me, so let's keep this version of the narrative, shal we.

At my gig, in a car park near Uxbridge (the following event, not the gig - the gig was in the pub that owned the car park) I arrived as a car was not so much parked as dumped. It was in the way and I could have squeezed past it, risking scratchage. But no. I think the look on my face caused the driver to repark. Thanks.

No damage to my car so far, then.

I did the gig. It was fun in places and a bit of a drag in others. Perhaps my own energy dropped, I know I was only in control of the room some of the time. They seemed to have fun with it, so fair play.

Then. In the car park. Some reversing. A car entering the car park at speed. Cruncherooney.

Not my car, though. I was a mere witness. Phew. I made sure everyone was ok and in control of their temper before leaving. I think the moment of sympathetic eye contact with the driver who did the driving into, was enough to do and then I left them to get on with it.

I drove back to Reading, went to an M&S Simply Food and got some jelly. It seemed the right thing to do. I carefully dodged the STUPIDLY parked JEEP that had been abandoned on the forecourt by another IDIOT and drove home.

Haha. No damage to my car today. One two three BONZA!

The kitchen is even largely complete. Just one more electrical device to install and then we're done. How cool is that!? Pretty cool - there's nothing to be scared of.

A long day.


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