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Friday, January 18

What A Difference A Day Makes

You've got to admit it. Whoever wrote the lyric for 'What A Difference A Day Makes' was a wise person. The phrase feels very familiar. It has been used in adverts. It feels like common wisdom. It's a bunch of words, but the meaning behind them seems to be a universal truth, rather than just a tired old cliche. A day can change everything. Actually, it is probably one moment in a day which changes everything, but the fact that we arbitrarily divide time by days has a built in artifact that makes up notice something by day: Yesterday life was X but now it is Y. This is further compounded by the fact that we measure our own days according to when sleep. Sleep usually means 'I'll shut my brain down and wake up tomorrow'.

Knowing myself, which I do, I could quite imagine that I'd write the above paragraph if I'd just fallen in love. I haven't. Sorry. I wish I had. Life is different through the euphoric insane eyes of love. But that's not my life at the moment. I'm actually under a lot of pressures. There's work. There is my tax return. There is the house. There is my impending court case. I have plans for the Edinburgh Fringe to try to bring to reality. I want a busy and productive social diary. I have gigs to organise. In short, there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

I have some diversions, Scrabble being a good reason why this blog gets no updates from time to time. I also have occasional flashes of irresponsible behaviour. However, I feel like I can just about stay afloat in this whirlpool of oddness that is my life. Yesterday was a case in point, hence my somewhat indulgent start to this brain dump.

I had agreed to help someone out with something yesterday afternoon. To do this required full use of the flexible teleworking facilities that my job can allow me. However, I suddenly got landed with an urgent task that affects the course of all the work I'll be doing for the year and whether it will even be feasible. This shouldn't be delayed. I managed to get started on it, before I then had to scoot off to work remotely. Despite some less than ideal environments, I managed to clock up a good 10 hours' work yesterday, working until the wee small hours, with the live dvd of the War Of The Worlds playing through my stereo to keep me awake while I used my bed as a desk, from my new office chair, and marshalled two laptops to do my bidding as I crunched my way through some high level estimates and guesses. There's a lot at stake in my view.

The being at work while at home thing worked well for me last night, and I managed to sort out a number of other things I need to, including travel to and from my court appearance. I'll be on the megabus, so I'll arrive really sorry for my driving licence appeal thing. I also arranged some social meet ups and the like, one of which surprised me. You should always surprise yourself.

If I had a New Year's Resolution, which I don't, and which is most certainly not 'talk to more girls', then I'd feel like my current optimism would be a good thing for achieving it. That realisation is more than I day's work, but most of what I do in a day is more than a day's work.


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