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Wednesday, February 13

Oceans Of Work

I woke up early this morning. I then went back to sleep, the effort of the previous night somewhat reducing my already low capacity for early morning wakery.

Never mind. The car wasn't too iced up, and I was on the road in time to be in the office "fashionably late". Effectively, this is about 20 past nine, and if anyone's really going to get up tight about that in an environment where many people work ridiculously long hours and I work myself more than a healthy number, then I think those people should take a good hard long look at themselves in a mirror. Who knows, they might like what they see. Alternatively, they might wonder where their youth was, where life has escaped and when it managed to ebb so cheekily from their worn out soul.

I got on with various tasks this morning. The main task was being angry at the reluctance of the coffee machine to deliver a coffee. Then there was the being angry at the plethora of meetings that littered the day, threatening to take me away from the coding. The lovely coding. Turning ideas into working theoretical machinery - it's what I do best of the things that I do. I have done more coding this week than I have in my entire time in this job. Sickening. But... well, perhaps this is the start of something new. I'm feeling it. I'm really feeling it.

As the day progressed, my time with the code was brief but rewarding. It makes me have a sort of sore-headedness when I have to go away and deal with something else. I was especially bothered by the other things I had to deal with since I know I need to get something completed this week, so it follows that time stolen from the code during the working day becomes my own time used after working hours to make it up. This is, of course, not good.

However, I want success. I want to achieve something which I write and then goes into production. This hasn't happened for years. It's going to happen. Some of my code will be used by an end user next week. Oh yeah!

At about 8.30, with a bug having cropped up on my screen, I had to rush out of the office. I needed to get to B&Q before it shut. Monday's grouting needed finishing off.

To my surprise, I arrived home with six kilos of grout at about 9.30, had some food and then proceeded to finish the grouting. I applied just under 3kg of the stuff, which gives me a bag to return and a sense of having achieved something. It really makes the kitchen look a whole lot better. I'm pleased with it.

I can't really stop. With gigs, DIY and other stuff, I don't really get the chance to slow down. Sadly, I can't stop myself eating shit too, so the weight feels to be creeping back on. This is not good. I can't do everything at once. I need to get a grip, though.

Next week, perhaps.


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