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Tuesday, March 11

A New Beginning?

I couldn't let my previous afternoon's weakness get the better of me, and I awoke with the resolve to grab the day by the horns and get going. I decided I could face the world. I especially wanted to face the world where we had a new member of the team, whom I wanted to help induct, though I'd made efforts enough to ensure he had someone to get him involved in the project were I not able to make it.

I dropped a line to my colleague and let him know I'd be arriving after a trip to Tesco for supplies. In this case, supplies involved rehydration formula, energy tablets, bottled water, painkillers and wind reduction tablets. The aim was to stabilise my system, get the fluid back into myself and not worry about eating - hence the energy tablets.

As a system, it saw me through the day.

As a whole, it felt like a positive, though tiring day. I'm frustrated by the fact that I have a whole week away from gigs - the perfect chance to get the house stuff moving along, and I'm too broken to be able to do a thing about it.

Driving home from work last night, later than I wanted, I listened to episode one of Bleak Expectations, which I bought as a sort of birthday present to myself. It made me laugh, then I got a bit overcome with the feeling of laughing and I was sort of crying - happy crying, but still, a bit of a wreck. Scary stuff.

I was worried about lack of productivity at all in the home, but I managed to get some of my laundry done. Most of it, in fact. So that's something. I don't like dirty laundry hanging about when it's so straightforward to do it. I now have clean laundry hanging about instead. Yay.

I watched the last four episodes of series one of The Mighty Boosh - a show I knew I could grow to "get" if I put the time into it. I never had the time, so I didn't. However, a cheap £10 box set and they were sitting waiting to be watched. I'll be honest, I got into weepy crying with laughter at the "Spirit of Jazz" scene, which I've seen before, and talked about, and which just IS funny.

I had a rather sleepless night, which was, in part caused by a rather good novel. However, the page-turning aspect of the novel merely kept me company as I bore the discomfort of my stomach complaint. I'm not an ill person. I don't do being ill very well. So, was quite frustrated. Ultimately, the book was very good, so I couldn't complain about staying up to finish it.

A mishmash of a day, really. A bit like the mishmash that is my digestive system.


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