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Sunday, March 2

The Perfect Day?

I think that the only thing imperfect about today was the lack of time for all of the things which made it such a perfect combination of things of a sort of a day, yes, I know this isn't making a great deal of sense so far, so I'd best itemise what today comprised.

Firstly, I slept until lunchtime. This is not something I'm proud of, but I really needed the rest and so I got it. I woke up blurry, but basically feeling like a lot of the sleep I needed to catch up on was caught up. This was a good thing. Most definitely. A good thing. I needed sleep. I don't feel so shell-shocked now.

After plentiful Z's, I did my next favourite thing. I did some DIY. Whether DIY is preferable to music or stand-up is a debate I don't want to have. If I admit that the entertainment stuff is so much better, then I run the risk of wondering why I've done so much DIY over the last year. So, let's pretend it's a favourable activity, and let's call it my next favourite thing because it happened next today. Right? Good.

I did some painting touch-ups that were needed. I put up the replacement light in the kitchen, replacing the one I took back to B&Q when it stopped functioning. I did some sanding and preparation in my bathroom. I did some sanding and paint stripping (not necessarily in that order) in one of my top attic rooms. I set off the smoke alarm many times with the paint-stripping fumes. Finally, I put up the shelf I'd started to put up a week ago, on my birthday, and now it looks totally mint, ready for a bunch of recipe books.

I did about 4 hours of DIY and I was happy enough with the results. I've managed to clear two rooms of anti-DIY-detritus, which means I can work in those rooms. I think I'll work in them simultaneously where I'm basically doing the same activity in both, like the same sanding or the same painting. I won't prioritise the bedroom room, yet.

After DIY came a trip to Subway. I won't put it down as the perfect way to eat, but it was enjoyable. I've not been in a while. Oh, and they have a special Scrabble-themed promotion, which is definitely good news.

Then I went to do a gig in London. I had arranged to meet a friend at the gig. I drove so that my departure and arrival times could be my own. It's not too bad driving to London on a Sunday night, but it's not too good either. It didn't matter. I had my car, music, radio and the opportunity to buy a nice big Costa coffee. This was company enough for the drive... and I also had some on-the-phone style company too, which is nice.

Getting to the gig, I discovered a 17 piece, yeah, 17 piece, jazz band setting up. They would be the closing act. I was doing musical comedy at a music night. I guess that's comedic music, where at a comedy night it's musical comedy. Who knows!? I just like to dabble in the music scene, since I can hold my own on a stage and my stuff is largely songs, so it's quite in keeping with the idea of a music night.

My set went down ok. I won't be claiming that I stormed it, but I managed to get laughs with jokes I'd not heard myself say before - ad libs, essentially, and I felt like I was holding the audience's attention. It's hard to judge at a non-comedy gig, what the reaction is. I could see some people cracking up at every punchline, but others just listening. I think it's best to take every positive reaction as a plus and ignore everything that was not a reaction.

Then a drive home with a picnic comprising some M&S food.

Not a bad day, really. I even snuck in a little late-night-painting at the end of the night. That's not too bad. And I put some laundry in.

The next week at work promises to be a total slog. I want to sneak some DIY in too. I have no idea what's about to happen. I'm sure I'll make it through, but it won't be particularly easy. Nice to have a good day to end the weekend before the sheer graft begins!


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