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Wednesday, April 22

I'm Struggling to Get Going

How to kill a blog... don't write anything for ages. I don't know why I can't quite get going again. It's partly because there's loads I would like to have written but then didn't, so there's a sort of inertia to get going again. I also never feel like I have a long enough period to get something written down without being interrupted by the need for sleep or work or... erm... you know... whatnot.

So, I'll just say something now and see what happens, then.

I'm at my desk on lunch. I have a box, provided by Graze, who send me fruit and other snack foods (healthy) three days a week. At the moment, I'm crunching on some Lemon Salted pistachio nuts. Pistachio is a good name for a nut - it sounds like some sort of drunken puppet too. "Gee, daddy [slurp] I wish I were [burp] a reeeel boy. I fuckin' love you!".

I'm overweight. Twas ever thus. I need to lose a couple of stone and then I'll be healthier. I have a gig tonight, which is a step along the road towards sorting that out, since I'll be cycling to the gig, which is in London. In fairness, I won't be cycling all the way to London. I'll be taking a train for the serious section of the distance, but for the light-hearted section, involving small roads and swearing at taxis, I'll be on my trusty velocipede (ah, the humble bicycle, with its silly alternative name that makes it sound like a multi-legged attacking dinosaur).

Yes, not writing on this for a while has affected the way I'm writing. Consider some of the above a bit of the first night nerves and some "trying a bit too hard" syndrome.

I've got a syndrome now. That can't be good.

I'm looking forward to tonight's gig. If all goes to plan, I'll try out one (or both) of the two new songs which I wrote last week. I suddenly feel like I've worked out how to write new material. I always knew how to. However, I rarely get the combination of motivation and opportunity. That's a familiar story. I seem to run between things that keep me busy, but then other things suffer.

I've been stressing over the various shows I'm involved in running. There are two - The Great Big Comedy Picnic and also The Seven Deadly Jokes. These shows have various requirements on me in terms of organisation. Yesterday was stressing over publicity day. I had posters to get printed and flyers to... well... get printed too. I'll be honest, I didn't manage to save 100% of the money I thought I would. Still, the print runs are organised and that's worth a lot of peace of mind.

In other news, peace of mind can be achieved if I organise a cleaner for my house. Having done some of a deep clean on Monday, which I didn't enjoy at all, I realise that I need some reliability in cleaning and I'm simply not reliable enough to do it myself. I have tenants now, but I can't quite expect them to do it to the standard I want. It's simply not going to happen. So I need to organise a cleaner. Cue an argument with my sister about whether an agency can be worthwhile. My view is that someone reducing the hassle factor to me is worth paying as a middle man. I may be wrong. I've been wrong before.

Obsession with Doctor Who is, of course, growing, as is my general spending, though I need to cap that pretty sharpish. The spend is partly on small things like Doctor Who DVDs, but it's also been on a bunch of bits of kit recently. Over the weekend I managed to see my Sat Nav disintegrate to the point where I could justify buying a new one. So, there's a fancy schmansy TomTom on its way from Amazon at the moment. That's quite exciting, but expensive. I even have a new TV for my study... along with the other bits of kit I've been buying for it. It's going to be a great room, but it's been expensive to set up. I'd better spend some time there, using all my kit.

I think there'll be some time in the study tomorrow evening. We'll see.

Work is constantly a challenge. I've done an interesting exercise in roadmapping recently, which has made me think that I should have done it before. I have some idea of the shape of the year ahead. Some idea. So perhaps this will help everyone feel like they know what we're aiming at.

Time, of course, will tell.

Just to confuse matters now, I'll probably write some retrospective updates to the blog. That's the kind of guy I am.


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