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Sunday, March 8

End of the weekend

This was our last day in Budapest together. My girlfriend would be leaving in the morning. It had been a lovely trip and we were resolved to make the most of it… including the lie in which kept the morning as a place of relaxation.

Around lunchtime we tried to get into town and took a route that can only be described as “rather unsalubrious”. Still, it showed us a part of town you wouldn’t normally visit – there’s a good reason for that too. If you get the chance to go from the Arpad Hid to the Margit Hid on the Pest side of the Danube, my advice is to politely decline it – unless you’re in a car. On foot, it’s not cool.

Because I know how to show a girl a good time, we had lunch/breakfast in the food court of a shopping mall near the station. This is not cool either, but it was functional.

Then we went off in search of the House of Terror. My advice: don’t bother. Or if you do bother, try not to learn anything. Part museum, part modern art, this tries to show you something of what happened to Hungary as a part of the various occupations and political upheavals that resulted in a lot of bad stuff being done to its population. There’s no doubt that this is a moving and important subject. Unfortunately, without understanding Hungarian, so you could interact with this exhibit, a lot of it is lost. They offered an audio guide which we took. This audio guide is radio operated so it tells you stuff relevant to the room you are in. It’s very very very very very verbose and seems to miss telling you much about the contents of the exhibition. It’s like the history lesson from hell.

When they offer you the audio guide they say “do you want the guide in English or German” what they mean is “do you want to be bored in English or German”. It wasn’t very pleasurable to be honest.

On the plus side, we did manage to find Café Mozart, which sells cake. Lovely lovely cake. So that was a plus.

For dinner we went to the posh hotel that neighbours our spa hotel on the Island. We had very good food and a band serenaded us. That’s a good end to a weekend away, definitely.


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