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Saturday, April 24

It's a funny life

I should really be in bed. I can't quite get around to it. I'm doing my usual trick of air-drying after a shower. I will dry properly and then get to bed, honestly I will.

I had a gig tonight in London in a club I've not played before. I think it went well enough for me to feel happy asking for more challenging work within that club. That's a nice feeling. I even slipped in one of the songs from the new show as part of my set and the audience understood it. In fact, it's probably superior in quality to a lot of the stuff I've been doing in previous years, which is also heartening.

It's been a busy time for me creatively, recently. I think I've had a problem with generating new material in the past, but at the moment, I've been banging out all sorts of things. This evening I did a bit of a redesign of my Ashley Frieze website, so I can direct anyone who might be interested in the direction of my various outpourings. I think this year is going to be one where I crank out a lot of new stuff; hopefully I'll also get the chance to play it to plenty of audiences and maybe even have them like it.

The love of Doctor Who is not even remotely lessening, and I'll have pictures from a Doctor Who obsessed project I've been working on recently soon. Let's just say that the cats are going to become Doctor Who fans if I've anything to do with it.

It's a funny old life this stand-up malarkey. I'd been feeling rather off form over the course of the day, even a bit ill and sore-throated. Then I travel a couple of hours to a gig, it fill with about 60 strangers, and I feel great. That's kind of normal.

So, my confidence is in a good place and I am going to get some rest.

Tomorrow is a day of hard work (actually, I mean today as I'm writing this at 2.33am). I've got to somehow put the 60 minute The Seven Deadly Sings show into my head. I really only have about 5 hours in which to do it. How can it be done? Well, I wrote it, and I've heard various recordings of me rehearsing it... so the best solution... mind-map it and then make it up from the mind-map. Hopefully that'll do the trick. Remember the gist and then reconstruct it virtually word for word. It's going to have to change anyway, so I shouldn't be remembering the punctuation marks so closely.

That's it. Vision blurring. Bed.


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