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Tuesday, August 10

At The Back Of The Mind

I'm distracting myself. I'm trying to avoid the obvious fact that the Edinburgh Fringe is getting deeply into its stride and I'm not there to stride along with it. I'm seeing Tweets and other news snippets of people's reviews, colds, good shows, bad shows, parties and other jiggery pokery. While this is going on, I'm having my normal life, trying to be oblivious.

Sometimes it's easier than others. We had a very nice night in last night and watched a silly Nicholas Cage movie. There isn't a Nicholas Cage movie that I don't want to see... well, maybe one, but I haven't seen it. That was very nice and I didn't think of Edinburgh once. Well, I did. I thought about making 20 posters for the show (by making, I mean sending for print, they were already made). I even did that work, but I did it as any computer operator might use a computer to send some files over the internet. I didn't do it while visualising being in Edinburgh.

The festival will come in its own time. I'll be there for a time which will feel at once both extremely long and tiring, yet fleetingly short. This is normal. The pre-Fringe blues aren't too bad at the moment. I feel a bit like Friday is a deadline and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. I feel more prepared than I have in previous years, but I won't feel that way for much longer, I'm sure.

Tonight is supposed to be for packing. Tomorrow night is meant to be a night out with my girlfriend - our last private night together before I go away (I'll be away for a week before she joins me out there). Then there's Thursday night, when I have a gig. My last normal gig before the Fringe - the first one on the new strings of my guitar, which I'll no doubt end up getting out of tune about 5 minutes into the performance, unless I warm them up very thoroughly just before the sound check.

To distract myself further from the Fringe I'm trying to sort out any loose ends that are sitting about in my work environment. I tried to submit the codes from my collection of diet coke bottles on (I didn't make this as a link, because I'm increasingly of the opinion that it's a phenomenal waste of time). This leads me to the following letter that I won't send.
Dear CokeZone,

I notice you've barred me from entering incorrect codes into your website for another 24 hours. Do you think that the reason I enter codes in is because I'm trying to hack your site and so deserve delaying? Is that the reason you put that safeguard in place? Is the necessity to stop people guessing codes a serious problem for you?


I'll continue to guess whether it's an H a K a N an M or a W for as long as you continue to print the codes in badly drawn dots which are covered by glue and fragments of label. Perhaps you could relax the rules for people guessing codes...

I wouldn't mind, but the points seem utterly worthless.

Lots of love

A new 7-Up drinker.

The CD for my show comes tomorrow. Very exciting. I'm hoping that I'll like it more now I've stopped stressing about it. It will be on sale. Hoo yeah!


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