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Friday, August 13

This Is It

It's a positive and a negative feeling right this moment. I'm about to leave my rather nice home life and venture off into the unknown, with a show I haven't performed recently, and a bunch of technical and practical problems to solve when I get to Edinburgh. I've got sore legs, it's cold, I'm on anti-biotics for the soreness caused by the flea bites that have reddened my skin and made me uncomfortable. I'm a bit tired from last night. I've been sitting in a quiet house all day, so feel a bit hemmed in. In sort I feel a bit small...

...but I'm also prepared. I think everything is packed that could reasonably be packed. The iPod is charged and raring to go. The Sat-Nav is upgraded so well that it now doesn't work, but I rather like the upgrade, so I'm going to live with it for a bit (hopefully they'll fix the SIM card problem in the next upgrade). The car needs fuel, but I know how to sort that out. There's just a computer to stick in a bag and I'm on my way. I've been planning this all year.

So off to Edinburgh. It's been the centre of a lot of my performing life, and it's been the city where a lot of good things (and one or two bad) have happened for me. I love being in Edinburgh in general, and in Edinburgh during the Fringe exponentially more than that. I'm tired of following the festival through tweets and reviews. I want to see it for myself. I want to smell the damp, get annoyed by the crowds, have the ups and downs of good and bad audiences for myself, and generally grab this baby by the horns (horned babies, eh?!).

However, I'm also nowhere near as fit as I should be. I'm fat and sluggish. I'm either going to work and sweat this off, or be found mewling in a heap in a couple of days' time. Time will tell. I'm hoping that the act of heading to Auld Reekie will awaken the very core of my enthusiasm for the Fringe, starting the tireless motor that will drive me around the city. I'm usually of boundless enthusiasm and energy for "doing the Fringe". Usually.

I don't want to leave my girlfriend behind, though. I'm going to miss her horribly. She's coming up in just over a week, so we won't be apart for that long, but it will be long enough.

That's where I'm at. On the brink of heading to where I both want to and don't quite want to be.

From this point forward, though, the funny is set to ON.


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