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Tuesday, February 28

Now is probably not the time

I really am rather stressed at the moment. I have multiple irons in my fire, and I don't even have a fire. I have oil powered central heating, which I should probably check the oil levels of, since it can so easily require topping up, as the oil doesn't come on an oil mains - is there even such a thing? - and I'm already off topic. Right this moment, all aspects of my life need a lot more time and attention than I think I can spare, since each of them is competing with the other and there never seem to be enough hours in the day for even one of them, let alone multiple ones. Being a newly wed is great, I wish I had more time for it... but the other areas seem to be lovely sources of stress which need time to turn them into the rewarding experiences they ought to be. Here are some snippets of the things I'm supposed to be doing right now:
  • Editing a book
  • Writing a Fringe show
  • Preparing some work-related stuff
  • Organising a national comedy event that's bigger than the book and Fringe show
  • Ensuring I can attend family events
  • Traveling about the place
  • Gigging and getting more gigs
  • Running in new material that I'm supposed to be writing
The list would probably go on if I dared let it. Instead, I'm having a go at using the Blogger app on my new toy - a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This is a nice toy to have, and the little keyboard you can get for it, which raises its weight to above that of an equivalent sized, but cheaper, netbook, is very dinky and a pleasure to use. You shouldn't compare between a little laptop and a lovely touch-screen pretty tablet PC, but it's hard to know exactly what the difference is when you're sitting typing a document on something which has a screen and a keyboard. If I had to write this on the touchscreen keyboard it would take about 8 times as long. The touchscreen is excellent, but it's not a keyboard. They never will be. On the plus side, I can recommend the tablet, even though Apple's marketing still makes me wonder whether an iPad would have been nicer (it would have required me to sell my soul to the corpse of Steve Jobs, so no). The reality is, and this is true for iPad, if you have a smartphone, you probably already have most of the apps you'd use on a tablet, and on the tablet they can often be just a bigger-screen version of exactly the same thing. It's really portability and loveliness that the tablet can bring to the table and I'm looking forward to finding some better uses for this than just substituting for one of the three laptops that are sitting near me as I speak (the fourth is upstairs, where I'm going shortly). I'm not entirely convinced that some apps really are anything more than a wrapper for something you could just as easily get on a webpage. However, the concept and the reality may differ from each other. I may find out that having this tablet gives me a notebook in my bag that is more flexible and ever present than a clunky laptop, or I may find that I've bought an expensive media player (that's kinda why I did buy this). Either way, I'll have to report back. I should probably try to blog more in the near future as it will help me straighten things out in my head a bit and also give me a chance to workshop ideas that may make it into my show. I don't think I'll be doing a show about new technology, so this post won't be mined for quotes... Probably. Hey. I did get one joke from one blog post once. That's statistically a hit. Right? And out. One final note: I'm glad I'm not using this device as a kindle - the afterimage would do me!


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