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Sunday, March 14

Oh dear.

I have been slack of late. Not really any updates to speak of. There's tons happening, but I'm not getting around to recording it.

Er. Let's see...

5th, 6th and 7th March were spent in a converted Abbey in the Yorkshire countryside celebrating 30-ness. The star organiser/birthday celebrator created something wonderful for us to enjoy. I still can't quite believe that I ate fruit and went hiking... but I did. A truly splendid weekend!

That weekend started with me doing a gig in Newcastle, on the Friday, and ended with me doing a gig in London on the Sunday night. Driving back from London, even with a 10pm start, is an arduous task for a Sunday night, especially with work in the morning. I got through it ok, though. The gig on the Sunday was a competition. Unfortunately, the original plan of using cheap rail tickets to make the journey less costly for the 4 minute spot at the end of it... well that plan fell through. I ended up paying £60 in petrol to London for 4 minutes on the stage - that's 25pence a second. Despite my best attempts to screw it up, I got through the heat and into the next round of the competition. I'll try to be funnier next time around - I think I let the stress of the occasion get to me, which is stupid!

I had a sane night of normality on Monday - supermarket, a night in the home. This turned into a recording session, but I was still in the house so it counts as normal.

Tuesday was a rehearsal with my co-writer of The Musical! and we started to get a handle on setting some of the scenes. We also did a full read through, which is dangerously close to the 1 hour time slot the show is intended to fill.

Wednesday I went to watch a gig in Sunderland and enjoyed myself. I brough a comedian (note the gender) home and provided him with transport for his train in the morning, making me a good samaritan. My belief in comedy karma means that I feel I am more likely to be blessed with laughs.

On Thursday I was the last act on at a slightly unusual comedy night in Manchester. Overall it went rather well and the heckler at the end actually saved me a lot of embarrassment, now I think about what she effectively stopped me from doing. I got to bed late, but such is life.

Friday night was another night in the house and it was time for more rehearsal. Things got a bit out of hand and my dining room is now laid out as a miniature theatre. It shall probably look like the set of The Musical! for the next 5 months! Bizarrely, the show is actually set in my dining room... so it's sort of a reflection of itself... aaagh! We also watched This Is Spinal Tap, after rehearsing and annoying the neighbours (accidentally).

The sudden upsurge in interest in the show comes from the fact that we're recording a show reel of some highlights from it in the next few days and we're also planning its first performance in Newcastle in early May. When the show is actually 8 weeks away, you have to start organising yourself... quickly!!!

Saturday was a day of variety. After a lie in (needed after the preceding week), I took myself to Ikea and bought some bar stools, which are now part of "The Set". I went to B&Q and bought a variety of hardware items, which I laboured with for about 4 hours in the garage in order to construct more of the aforementioned set. Oh... and I also managed to get myself sat down in a theatre in Sunderland watching Miss Patsy Palmer (Bianca from Eastenders... RICKEEEE!!!) perform in a one-woman musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black.

You know what? Miss Palmer can pull Tell Me On A Sunday off. She's not naturally a strong singer, but it's an acting piece as much as it's for singing and her voice was actually very listenable. She made me laugh and she managed to convey all she needed to very effectively. A part of me was taking the show to pieces, but I liked the pieces!

Not bad for a day's work. Oh, and I also bought a wig. Not because I'm balding, though I am, but because it's a prop. The people in the shop had a good laugh at me, including some kid who, the moment I asked for a wig, started picking on me. My reaction was genial, which is probably for the best - I took it on the chin, rather than striking back at the little oik, in whom I could see enough faults to have spent my afternoon on destroying him. I suppose it's nice he's confident enough to take the piss out of strangers; at his age, I was a bit too meek.

On the way to Sunderland, the car behind me, as I joined the A19, was acting oddly. He seemed to want me to pull over so he could get past. I pointed at the cars in front of me, going no faster than I was, he still seemed to think that his journey would be quicker if I were not in the way. I left him fuming as I stood my ground. Then, when the cars in my lane pulled over, I overtook them and left the imbecile, in his crap car, for dust. If an 8 year old rusting Volvo can do that to him, he shouldn't mess with it!

There. A record of stuff.

Now bed.


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