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Friday, March 26

The previous post feels like it was made absolutely ages ago. It's probably a good thing that I keep some sort of online diary - it can help give me some sense of time, especially on months where so many things are happening in such a short space of time.

Since Monday:
  • Took train to London after work on Monday

  • Performed not one, but two gigs on Monday night - very different gigs and very different responses

  • Enjoyed a tipple with my congenial host and then took a few hours' sleep - perhaps an hour too many's sleep, but my host was very congenial

  • Headed into the city to go to a meeting

  • Met my sister for a coffee

  • Had another Starbucks online experience - looking for emails about "The Musical!"

  • Went to the venue for our London preview for "The Musical!", paid and signed for it

  • More Starbucks action

  • Another gig - more friends and friends of friends to see what I do on a stage

  • Then a good chinese meal

  • Then a taxi ride back in time for a couple of hours of sleep

  • First tube into town on Wednesday morning and then the first train to Newcastle

  • After struggling through a day's work against my exhaustion, my spirits were raised by a phone call from a comedy competition, offering me a place in the next round

  • Home, washing, tidying, food, bath, bed... I needed the sleep - was in bed before 10!

  • Thursday was another full day in the office and then off to Leeds for a weird but enjoyable gig

  • Also had a curry in Leeds city centre after the gig
It's something of a full life at the moment. I couldn't do this all the time, but March Madness is a reasonable acceptable temporary state.

I suspect this weekend will be nowhere near restful. I'm half expecting to hot-foot it to Scotland tonight. My poor car.

On the up side, it's great to be able to spend good nights out with friends. Stand-up is a very sociable activity and a good excuse to travel to places where I have people to spend time with.

I should keep the diary, though. My mind can only think about the next 24 hours.

I'm also happy that I have a one-way-arch-nemesis. This man doesn't know he's my nemesis - I don't want to upset him by making a big deal of it. However, so long as he exists, I have a focus for my negative thoughts. Believe me, this fool deserves to be the focus. The beauty of it is that I only need to use him as my nemesis when he's actually present. The rest of the time it makes no difference. This is not a serious comment, but reflects a certain degree of irritation that a certain person causes me... and it amuses me.

Last night, my guitar lost a string, the audience were in a funny mood and I performed my set, standing on tables in the middle of a room, with my eyes at the level of the beams. I still enjoyed myself and managed to make them laugh.


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