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Tuesday, July 6

An eventful few days? Well, yes and no. I've certainly been doing things. Let's see:

Went along to the Torphichen Inn to do a gig. This involved a great deal of driving and then some techie geekery so that I could record the gig, but not only record it, but record it well - I had a room mic and then direct feeds for the guitar and vocal microphone. I generally play well, live, so I thought it might be good to be able to do a proper mix of my playing in with the audience reaction - maybe have something to go on a comedy CD sometime...

... but no. The audience weren't playing ball. They gave very little in return. I have since reviewed my performance and, although it wasn't stunning, it was cheery and well executed. They just weren't up for that sort of thing. Fair enough. If I'd been funnier, they'd have laughed harder.

After the gig there was a late night drive back, with a bonus comedian, who slept at mine for a couple of hours and then enlisted me to take him to the railway station - this was as planned, so I'm not complaining. It's a pleasure to help a fellow act. It meant that I then went back to bed at about 8am and slept long into Saturday.

The day lost most of itself to my long sleep, but I needed it. The stress of gigging and otherwise partying - well, it takes a lot from one.

We spent the early evening running through the spoken parts of the show - reworking bits and tightening up the performance. Finding what's funny about the script. A reasonable amount, actually. Then my partner-in-crime went out, leaving me home alone to do my thing. This involved watching Little Voice on DVD, sending a load of emails and going back to bed.

This was our day in the recording studio. Primarily an excuse to re-learn the music from the show, we spent about half an hour on each song, playing them over and over and getting our technical skills back on them. We need to have the confidence to play them live at the correct tempo - this was our chance to work out what that meant. It was quite encouraging that we still laughed while listening back to the 30th takes of some of the songs. Either they're really funny, or we're easily pleased... or we're remembering how to make them funny... or... well, I hope audiences enjoy them too.

We did two full run throughs last night. The first one was virtually flawless, though we had a couple of stoppages and comments during the run - this was as planned. The second one was also pretty good - stoppage free and it ran to time. If we had to do the show tomorrow to an audience, we'd get it 90%+ right. That's great. We have plenty more rehearsal to do before London, so I'm quietly confident in our ability to pull the show off.

What's more concerning is ticket sales in London. If you're reading this and you're hoping to come to the London show, then please go and buy your tickets now! I don't want the London show to cost me (well, Incredible Productions). We have a high break-even (Lord 'elp us).

Lots more marketing to do, and I think I may even have to sacrifice myself to the gods of advertising and plug the show in printed publications. D'oh!

Oh, and I wrote a short sit-com last night. Very self-referential, but that's what I do.


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