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Monday, July 12

It's been a busy time recently. It always is. So what about highlights? Well...

My car is misbehaving
It started on Thursday - the windscreen washer started spraying of its own accord. This became irritating as there was water constantly hitting the windscreen - then the reservoir ran out. Then I pull over and disconnected the motor to avoid wearing it out and the annoying brrrrrrr noise it was making. I am the sort of person who will rewire his car during a long car journey. Sadly this approach didn't solve the problem entirely - the windscreen wipers have decided to come on of their own accord for no apparently good reason. Reconnecting the motor didn't help.

This scraping of windscreen wiper against glass became annoying. I stopped the car and pulled the fuse for the windscreen wipers. This stopped them. It also stopped the car from running. Don't ask - I assume we have some sort of "issues" with the electrics. Replacing the fuse got the car running again. Actually it would start without, but stalled if left to idle, which I didn't like.

Luckily, the fuse incident happened just before it started raining, so I had some scrape-noise-free-wiping for a bit. Then I discovered a special position of the stalk which is neither off nor on and stops the wipers dead in their tracks. I wedged the stalk in this position with my windscreen sponge.

Assuming that it was the switch to blame, I went to a scrap yard, having taking my steering column to pieces and removed the old one. Actually, I didn't so much assume that it was the switch as hope that it was - replacing a switch is within my capabilities - other investigation is somewhat beyond. At the scrap yard, it started raining. I found that the building in which some of the cars are housed was no protection from the rain - the roof not really being very present. It's weird watching it raining heavily indoors. Getting to the car, I connected the new stalk/switch. The wipers didn't run. Then they did - of their own accord. Frustrating... but at least it was raining. So the problem is unsolved.

The car is reassembled and the windscreen sponge is proving effective - I'll have to book it in to be sorted out properly. Grrr.

Friday night was a night off. Saturday afternoon was a run through and a recording session. Saturday evening involved watching a gig - in Newcastle. I enjoyed that. Sunday was a trip to Scotland. One compereing duty and then one cancelled gig. Such is life. One day I'll drive to Peebles and actually perform there. So far I've been cancelled there twice and watched a gig there once. It will happen for me.

This week
A lot to do. Lots of driving and then The Musical! in London at the weekend. The stress/reality of the situation hasn't really kicked in yet. It will do on Wednesday.


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