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Sunday, September 19

Another day in Newcastle
I didn't get in my car at all today. I didn't even walk more than 3 minutes away from my home. I spent the day in my own dominion. This consisted, primarily, of mowing and edging the lawn, watching quite a lot of television (Star Trek The Next Generation is truly silly), ironing for two hours (that was the duration of Futurama and The Simpsons, which coincided neatly with the 500 shirts that needed my attention) and then watching a DVD. Annie Get Your Gun is quite an entertaining movie and, despite the best efforts of Betty Hutton to overact her way through the songs, I really enjoyed the 100 minutes spent in the company of Annie, Frank and Buffalo Bill.

Ironing remains something I find calming and fascinating and I felt a little closer to the iron today after it threatened to withdraw service on Friday night. On Friday I ironed a shirt before taking a shower and going out. As I turned the iron off at the switch on the wall, it blue a fuse and took out the circuit breaker on the ground floor. I worried that my beloved hot metal steam generator might be completely ruined by this experience, but I didn't have the time to do anything about it - I was running late. Yesterday, I grabbed a spare fuse from the bag in which I have parts of the regular 13Amp plugs that came with my mirror ball pin spots. Hooray - the fuse solved the problem. In my opinion, those pin spots did not warrant 13Amp fuses, but lucky that they had them - my iron was back in operation. Woohoo.

I realise that I'm a 30 year old man with his own house, car, several time consuming hobbies and plenty of opportunities to get excited, and that I've chosen the inconsequential repair of my iron to be worthy of note... perhaps this is indication of how utterly pointless my life is at the moment. Having said that, at least I care about something... even if it is an iron. And anyway, it's not me reading this. Maybe you ought to question yourself now. Are you excited for me? or have you formed any opinion at all? If you have, maybe I'm not the one with the problem.

Yes. I know. This blog is a bit dull at the moment. I occasionally read my archive and find interesting bits. I'd heartily recommend January 2004. I read this today and found a nice mix of highs and lows.


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