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Monday, September 6

Lost time
Yesterday I wrote some thoughts into this machine and did my best to be the dutiful blog-writer. Sadly, these thoughts were eaten and so I shall have to do what I can to recreate them.

Back from Edinburgh
The Fringe is over for another year and the one-month stay in the fantastic city of Edinburgh is now over. Getting back in touch with reality is not an easy task, especially since the time away was so lengthy and packed with activity. Strangely, the office seems a lot more familiar than it should do after such an absence and my attention is not being dragged back to the Fringe too often. In addition, talking about last month feels like talking about something that happened a long time ago. It was only 8 days ago that we gave our last performance of The Musical!

Gigging again
Since returning to Newcastle, I've been at work for 4 days and I've performed in three gigs. Thursday was in Manchester, Friday was in the hard-to-get-to Buxton and Saturday was in Glasgow, with a brief detour via Edinburgh for reasons of my own. It's all been late nights and roads. This is, apparently, perfectly normal.

Home comforts
I'm now officially living on my own again, my lodger having deserted on Saturday. I'm probably a hard person to lodge with, so it's for the best. I can now wander round the house naked should I feel the need to do so - I don't, but it's nice to have the option.

I went to Tesco yesterday and ended up buying a home electrical item and some glassware. See, I do care about having a home of my own. The fact that I've barely spent any time in it all year and have plans to perform in another musical and gig very hard between now and February is immaterial. If I want to buy some American-style soda glasses, then I shall. Ha!

I was surrounded by friends in Edinburgh, old and new. Now I'm back to the solititude of home, work and late night car journeys... well, I'm bound to miss it. I appreciate having people around me.

I suspect there will be some sort of case of post-Edinburgh blues on the horizon.


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