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Monday, September 27

Pointless life chronicles
The burning question I know you dare not ask... what did I do yesterday? What a question!

Well, I woke up - I must have done, since I couldn't have achieved everything I did yesterday while still asleep - no sir! No sirree! Enough of these wanton exclamation marks. Well, just one more then. Woooh!

Once up and about I busied myself about the place with the utterly unmemorable tasks of getting a shave (first one in a while) a shower and something to eat. I believe I almost got sucked in to watching an episode of 'Allo 'Allo, with the fabulous Arthur Bostrom, whom I saw live on stage doing his hilarious mispronouncing of words on Friday night. I escaped, luckily and managed to make time disappear - no idea how - until it was time to head up north to Scotland. I refuelled the car on the way and set off up the A1.

An afternoon in Edinburgh
I arrived in Edinburgh at about 4.40pm. I'd arranged to meet someone for coffee - an acquaintance (don't start getting excited). This person chose us as the first person to accept a flyer from during the Edinburgh festival - she then came to see the show and was suitably disapproving of the hilarious revealing costume in the later scene. Given that it's nice to relax before a gig in non-comedy company, I'd suggested a late afternoon coffee. Her response - "Can I bring my dad?" was surprising, but unlikely to divert me from my goal of breaking the day. So, we three sat in the upstairs of Starbucks and had coffee. I suppose the dad was wondering why his 21 year old daughter appeared to have gained the attentions of a strange old-looking 30 year old man. I soon clarified that I was nothing more than show-folk... not only that, but I was show-folk-that-hasn't-quite-cast-aside-the-real-world.

It was quite an entertaining way to while away an hour or so.

An evening in Leith
I did my gig in Leith. I can't say that I was on fire, or that I specifically "rocked". I'm not putting enough pressure on the audience at the moment. Having said that, my behaviour generated laughs, so I can't complain too much. I need to be harder hitting and less distracted. Having said that, I enjoyed the evening and my newest song looks like a goer.

A night in Edinburgh
Then it was a late night meet up with some friends to talk about possible future plans. As late night meetings go, this one lived up to its name and I had to brave the graveyard-shift drive home.

When you set the alarm on my mobile phone it tells you how many hours left before it goes off. I didn't like the number of hours I was told there would be before resting my head and being forcibly interrupted by beeping. Still, I made it into the office exactly on time, so I guess I've not suffered too badly.


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