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Thursday, October 28

The week's getting on a bit
We're nearly through this week and I've been sparse with my comments thus far. I chose not to say anything about the death of John Peel when I found out about it, despite the fact that it touched me personally in an odd way. Perhaps I'll start by explaining that.

John Peel was certainly an icon in broadcasting. Of that, there's no doubt. He was also in "The Dead Pool 2005" - a sweepstake of celebrities who may or may not be likely to die this year. He was actually in my allocation, which means that I've now had two celebrities die on me this year, so I'm in joint first place on the leader board. I didn't expect that I'd find out about the loss of an icon in such a harsh way. Congratulations Ashley, Peel's dead, and you're now in joint first! What a mix of emotions. Pleasure and pain. I commented on the news of Mr Peel's demise to some neighbouring work colleagues and found people treated the loss with genuine shock and that denial that's usually reserved for the most cataclysmic of news.

In more death-related shenanigans, I was primed to falsely report someone's death last night. I went to a comedy night with the specific instruction "if she asks after me, tell her I'm dead". For reasons which probably make me a bad person, I was really looking forward to this happening. We concocted a believable story for how the person died and how we knew and got ready to be asked. We didn't look for the person to tell, since it would be a lot less believable for them if a stranger approached and said "so and so is dead". It's much more believable if they were in the process of asking and had the news broken to them. Trust me, I understand wind-ups. Anyway, it didn't happen. Instead, I simply watched another night of comedy and went away having laughed my chest and throat into a worse state than they were at the start of the evening. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I think I took a backwards step in the recovery from my current cold.

Busy week
This week was empty in my calender, but I've been out every night so far, and I'm off out tonight too. So much for taking a break. The house still needs some TLC. I'll be there for all of 9 minutes before going back out tonight. It's been a good week, mind.


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