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Friday, January 28

Blanuary Jews
January is meant to be a depressing month. The new year is getting into full swing, but everyone's overdone it at Christmas (I didn't - I even lost weight, weird) and it's cold and bills come in and people have their most miserable day on 24th January (apparently). No wonder, then, that I'm seeing folks on a bit of a downer around me, and it's also no wonder that people can see the down-ness in me (now it sounds like I'm claiming a disability).

I just crossed town to pick up my newly fixed bike. They appear to have removed a naughty plastic component that was probably part of my ratchet-cog-based-problem and the bike cycled beautifully on the journey back. Somehow, I discovered a system of getting to the bike shop and back into town where it ALL seemed to be downhill. That's slightly odd, but it felt great. I now feel invigorated and rather sweaty... but in a not-exhausted-at-all sort of way (I mean it - sarcasm doesn't usually work online anyway!).

Baby dream your dream
In the musical Sweet Charity, which I helped out with backstage in June 2003, there are few really great songs. There's "Hey Big Spender", which is okay and lived outside of the show. My favourite, was a song called "Baby dream your dream". I liked it for a number of reasons. Musically, it had a nice flavour - indeed, the song "Teamwork" from The Musical! was in a similar vein for its verses. Lyrically, the song had plenty of neat rhyming and wordplay. In the show I was working on, the cast members who performed it (it's a duet) were singing sisters and their voices rang together brilliantly - it was a highlight. However, perhaps the sentiment is one of the most important aspects of the song. You've got to dream. You have to have hopes and wishes. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have... WHOAH! I nearly completed a quote of Oscar Hammerstein. I may be about to perform in South Pacific from which the song "Happy Talk" originates, but... well, really! Oscar Hammerstein II (the second - I can't imagine how bad the first one was!). It goes against all my principles!

Converting this blether into a point, I want to reiterate that we should spend time hankering and yearning for things we cannot, as yet, have. Maybe we can never have them, but so long as there's hope, it's worth the effort. I'm perfectly willing to put it on record that I'd happily step out with a beautiful, lively, soprano, given the chance. I don't see any likelihood of it at the moment, but it's worth wanting. I know... pitiful isn't it. My ideal qualities in a woman extend to her singing voice... it's just that I tend to have a similar natural singing pitch to sopranoes... well, okay, an alto would do... or she can be mute, communicating entirely through mime... you start with the dream and then throw it away when a tangible offer comes along. That's life!


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