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Wednesday, January 19

Time to post
Now I appear to have time to post, but not all that much to say. The irony. It's like rain on your wedding day isn't it? (Don't even think about starting that argument Steve!)

Anyway, since last I posted, I've done very little of note, but somehow I'll find something to say about it all. Let's see...

The sleeping wasn't all that notable, but there was a curious incident around about getting up time. I had to be up earlier than normal since we had an early meeting in the office. It was undoubtedly a combination of my anxiety to awaken and the morning news on my alarm clock which caused me to have a really odd dream. Here's the bit I remember...

I'd decided to go to witness the Iraqui elections, which were being held in a big white tent on the Iraq-German border. I'd flown for a couple of hours on an economy airline - it had been a whim of mine and I wasn't certain that I'd be allowed in to see the elections, not having a visa for Iraq and landing in Germany (near the apparently logical Iraq-Germany border); it was up to the passport control at the border to decide whether I'd be allowed in. They asked the guy in front of me the purpose of his visit and he was rejected. Then it was my turn. I knew, as I realised that my passport was still in my bag and I'd have to search for it, thus slowing the queue down, that things didn't look good for me. The passport guy asked me for the purpose of my visit - I indicated the white tent just across the border where I was going and he said something which I knew meant "no, you can't go across". I insisted that he answer me again with a straight yes or no to the question of whether I'd be allowed across the border. The answer was no. I was gutted. I was tired. My whim had turned to nothing. The expense and the drain of a flight for nothing. I was plotting a way to have another go at the border control - perhaps with a different guard - maybe they hadn't recorded my passport details into their system as a definite no-entry when I asked this guy - when I heard a noise which told me to wake up...

I was early for my meeting so I got some more sleep. I left the house 20 minutes before I was due into the office.

Don't know what the dream means. I think it means that I was asleep.

Travelling into work
To cycle into town takes less than 15 minutes and I cannot go any faster than 28 miles per hour on that particular journey. I wouldn't bother. The car, on the other hand, easily reaches 80 miles per hour. So leaving 20 minutes to get to the office didn't seem a bad move. However, I'm accustomed to the traffic of 9.50am, not that of 8am. I was, therefore, rather peeved to find myself obstructed by the selfish morning-lings who insisted on blocking what is otherwise a lovely drive into town.

I had taken the car to give my legs a rest. My legs, shins especially, and also my hips were aching a bit from the combination of pedalling and tap dancing that has become my life at the moment. I think a day off has helped.

Office working
We had a frustrating day of work today. I say "we" because I worked in pairs with other members of my team. I say frustrating, but in truth it was possibly one of the more enjoyable days. The frustration was more the confusion associated with the tasks in hand, rather than being prevented from achieving them. Sure the code we're working on is a bit awkward, but the challenge is what we're paid to meet and is also what makes the fight worth the fighting. I'm worried about the possible knock-on effects of what I've been working on. It rapidly grew beyond reasonable proportions, but I've done a lot of checking and... well, it doesn't really matter... what matters is that I got absorbed by a problem at work and enjoyed myself. That's not bad.

I also found time to go into town for coffee.

Cancelled. I only had a small part to play in tonight's rehearsal and it was decided that I wasn't needed, nor did I need the extra rehearsing. So I got a night off. I immediately attempted to seek other activities for the night:
  • A rehearsal for the other show
  • A drink with a friend
  • A comedy gig to go to watch
Nothing came up. So I went home. I've spent the evening in my own company recharging the batteries.

Not quite my own company
Ok. I did have a game of online scrabble and I may have even gotten myself a rating. I think I beat a rated player, which means that I get rated. Not sure. I achieved my own personal best score of 365, which was probably a fluke. The other guy only got 149...

Now I'm rested and relaxed. Maybe I'll play a bit more scrabble.


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