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Tuesday, February 28

Late to rise
I woke up today at after 9.30. I didn't leave the house until 9.50.

I arrived on time for work.

Local living has its advantages.

Lunch at the house
I headed back to the house for lunchtime. It gave me a chance to do some washing and pick up my mobile phone which the early morning rush has caused me to leave behind. So, despite the fact that I drove into work, I still got a lunchtime walk. I also got to play on my piano for a bit, which is nice. Apparently, I've written a song in E flat. That's not like me at all. Still, that's the key it wants to be in.

Other songs
Despite panning Mary Poppins the stage musical back in December, I tried to listen to its soundtrack today again. I think one of the main indicators of a reasonable soundtrack is whether some of the songs surface in your head unbidden. There were one or two moments from the stage show which had come back to mind. I'd listened to the soundtrack once (maybe twice) before going to see the show and I didn't think of it much afterwards. However, at some point in January, the song "Anything can happen if you let it" along with "Cherry Tree Lane" came back to my head. Both songs are new to the show: the original Sherman brothers songs are still among the best songs written in their genre.

Having listened to the soundtrack again, it's fair to say that "Anything can happen..." has become my latest bit of ear-candy. It's a truly feel-good type of a song. I shall probably stop listening to it as quickly as possible, but for now, I've enjoyed sticking it on a loop. It builds and it has a nice core tune. That's probably all you need from a show tune. There are some lyrical stinkies:

If you reach for the stars
all you get are the stars
but we've found a whole new spin:
If you reach for the heavens,
you get the stars thrown in

That's a perfectly good line (or two) except for the fact that "whole new spin" is pretty unnatural. A smattering of:

Anything can happen. It's a marvel.
You can be a butterfly, or just stay larval

Somewhat adds to the silliness of the piece. Put in a chorus doing huge oohs and aahs and the song is trying a bit too hard. However, it's still pretty good. However, I should really buy the movie soundtrack - them Sherman brothers songs are just miles and miles better.

It's "those".


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