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Wednesday, June 7

I Quite Like Wednesdays

I think I've always liked them. They're nicely in the middle of the week, they have an interestingly spelled name, they seem happy and smiley. Much better than Thursdays, which are evil. I was always very impressed when Douglas Adams put something along these lines into the head of Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I suppose it's not surprising that I should feel this way, given the position of Wednesday in the regular working week - i.e. the middle. Thursday is halfway between the middle and the end - it doesn't know where it is. However, I'm not the sort of person who finds work to be a bind that he tolerates all week long with the hope of a weekend as his reward.

My work is what I do. My weekends are also a part of what I do. In between times I gig. I used to rehearse for musicals (I'm starting to miss that a lot). That's how my life works. It should all be good. If something isn't good, then it should be changed. This is true for software as much as it is true for life. If you have the power to change it, then you should. I guess I was right to make the changes in my life in November when I hated the environment in which I worked. I was right to hate it. It was failing me and it was failing itself. I was probably a part of that problem, but a bigger problem was the fact that I was being professionally-emasculated by all around me. As a result I was very unhappy.

I'm happier now.

It's Wednesday. The sun may or may not be shining (I'm here in front of a screen and not facing a window). I lost weight again this week (sometimes I think that my entire week is just a prelude to the Tuesday evening weigh-in), taking my grand total of weight loss to the value of X. I don't know what X is, but it's good. I'm still much heavier than the low weight I attained by January 2003. It only took me from May 2002 to January 2003 to get to a really splendid shape (for me). I started in April this year, so if I'm good, I might find myself similarly shaped in December. We'll see. I'll have to replace trousers along the way if this happens. I'm prepared to do that if necessary.

So, things are goodish.

Sadly, my car is in for service. This can only prove to be expensive. On the up side (there's always an up side with me) the air conditioning is being serviced too, so the hot weather will have an antidote for me. On the down side, I'm fairly certain that they'll want to replace two tyres and some brakes. I don't know whether the car will be ready in time for me to take it to Wolverhampton tonight. I currently have a loan car, which I can drive to my girlfriend's house and then borrow her car for Wolverhampton, but I'd rather take my own car. I've a funny feeling that the leads I left in its boot will prove rather vital for tonight. I remembered to put my guitar and stand into the loan car, but it's always the thing which you could have brought but left behind that proves to be the one thing you need.

So, the service and the possibility of wiring difficulties (and traffic caused by delays in getting on the road properly) threaten to turn this happy Wednesday into a Troublesome Thursday-esque day, or possibly the equivalent of a Manic Monday. A Funky Friday would be too weird, so let's leave that out.


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