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Thursday, August 31

Back On The Train

Well, I'm on a South West train heading for London. Apparently they are not striking today, which is nice. The last time I was on such a train was during my ill fated run at the Camden Fringe, which feels like it was a very long time ago, even though only a mere 30 days have actually gone by since it started. August really does drag on.

I think August has been quite an eventful month. The Fringe visit was obviously a highlight, and that now seems ancient history. I've had chance to recover from my post Edinburgh disease already, and I think we even made a creditable stab at enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

Probably the biggest issue of the month has really taken its time to make its enormity felt. My job will be substantially altered by the recent buy out of my employer's. I don't even know whether my job will exist beyond the end of next month. The news was broken calmly and I have been given various assurances, but there are on guarantees. The biggest problem is that I don't really know how to occupy my time in the office. There is nothing specific that I have to do at the moment. We have some ideas for what is coming up, and I have done some self training. In fact, over the last couple of days I've been on an internal training course in something so obscure and so foolishly done that I have the overwhelming urge to take a trip to Australia, where it was made, and explain to the people who made it why they will never be any good at their jobs if they don't change their approach. Pointless frustration.

Tonight, I'm on this train to go to London to meet my girlfriend, her mum and sister in order to see the Sondheim musical, Sunday In The Park With George. This should, at the very least, be an interesting show to see. It closes on Saturday, so it was a case of see it now or miss out, and the idea of seeing it in the first place didn't originate with me. Though I've arranged the tickets, I reserve the right not to be blamed if people don't like it.

August has seen a lot of gigs. Last night was my last gig of the month, and September has a few booked, even though I'm away for half the month. I feel like I'm back into my stride. I had been showing signs of improving and expanding back in November, but the move really changed my priorities. Now I have room to experiment again and the voice failure in Edinburgh, which forced me to do very few musical sets, did me a big failure. I Mc'ed the gig last night and realised that I'm bordering on having some non musical bankers, and that I'm not especially afraid of taking chances. All I have to do now is calm things down a bit. Still every act had a reasonable gig last night, and I think I managed to handle the rowdiness inherent in that room. Not bad. Could be better. Still, I tried some new stuff and it seemed to work. Woo.

So, we're entering September with various question marks and various constants. I'm still the musicals fanatic who is into comedy and ever pursuing some kind of big break. However, my accommodation situation and work situation are both in a state of flux. The plan to get a house must at least wait on a projection of guaranteed income doing something I'll prosper doing. The plan for a house is also dependent on closing a mortgage deal which I'm ever closer to closing. Just a tiny bit further to go. The job situation seems to need a bit of proactive effort on my part to avoid me feeling like a bystander. The company I work for has been good, but it is not the only company in the world. Who knows, maybe job hopping is the thing to do! It's not really me.

My morale is dipped slightly. The work thing is getting to me. I think it's largely because I was enjoying my job for the challenges it posed, but now there are no short term goals. There will be. Home life is good. Gigs are good. The car works. The musicals play 8 times a week. Life ain't bad.


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