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Sunday, August 13

I Must Be Getting Old

It's after two am on a Saturday night and I'm back at the flat while the Fringe ploughs on without me. I feel a bit like I'm letting the side down as I've returned to the flat to find myself alone, despite there being something like 8 other people living here. Truth be told I am too tired to enjoy any more non resting activities tonight, and I've had a second trying gig at a late night show. My confidence might have dropped if I hadn't started the performing day with a cracking show at the Great Big Comedy Picnic, and my belief in what would happen with this particular mixture of comedians came to be fulfilled. Good fun and we had a good collection too. In the rest of the day I did some flyering and went to see some shows. That's a generic description which you could probably apply to most of the next few days as I amuse myself and, hopefully, others here in Edinburgh.

There's plenty I want to see, and my fringe to see list is starting to get ticks next to things, which is also good.

Around 8ish I managed to combine several of my plans into a sequence as I met up with an Edinburgh resident friend of mine, saw a show, and then immediately went to get food. This was necessary. Eating is an important thing to fit into a day, and I was at risk of doing it all wrong.

There are a couple of things to note here. One, if you read the diary I wrote of my trip to Fringe 2002, when I was probably a similar weight to today and also trying to lose it, you will see that some of my entries made clear exactly what I was eating. I know not why. Actually, I do. When you're dieting, you get food obsessed and this can keep you on track somewhat. It's a bit boring for other though. Secondly, I foolishly allowed myself to be suckered into a promise I didn't want to make, though once made, I won't break it. It's the worst sort of promise too, because it's for my own good. I promised not to eat any fried food. Why!

In fairness, my plan was to eat healthily, and indulge myself with a cooked breakfast from my favourite shop for this on the last morning. In 2004, such a multitude of these led to my being fairly overweight, poisoned and knackered by September. I just wanted one, though, for old times' sale. Not allowed. Fine. In fairness, this ringfencing has strengthened my resolve to look after myself, and considering how exhausted I feel after just a day and a half walking in Edinburgh, it's probably for the best. So Subway is my friend. Breakfast was beans on toast, and I also ate an apple at some point.

This Fringe feels odd. This may be the twisted view of someone just joining the party, late. Or, it might be that the support for the fringe is either hampered by transport or on the wane.

I'm still happy to be here and I think my voice, which hasn't had this much of a work out in ages, is probably most hoarse from laughing. It's not a bad way to spend the day.


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