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Wednesday, August 2

Some Random Wednesday Thoughts

Sandwich Shop
I presented a beef sandwich and a small cup of soup at the till in the cafe this lunchtime. They can't guess what's in the sandwich, so I listed my order for the woman to ring into the till. I said "It's a beef sandwich. And a small soup."

The woman disappeared after ringing in my purchase. I was busy gathering the coins to make exact change. When I looked up I noticed her over at the soup. I called to her that I already had the soup. She returned and crossly accused me of not mentioning it.

I would have thought that the cup of soup I had sitting next to my sandwich on the counter, to which I'd pointed when I said the words a small soup" might have been a clue. As I walked away to consume these, I muttered to myself something about not being so stupid that the best I could do for a career was sell food. It made me feel better.

What Are We In For?
The company I work for was bought out by a company this week. That company was then immediately bought out by a bigger one. Wow. I'm now a very small fish in a very big pond. We had a conference call today in which we were told what to expect by the big man at the head of the big company that owns the big company I work for (or maybe the company that owns the company that owns the company that... and so on).

He mentioned something about wearing seat belts and providing the best products to the best customers in the best way with the best people. I'm all for that. Probably.

Was I Sane?
Looking back at my blog from July 2004, I have to wonder whether I was truly sane or not at that time. My memories of this month have been rekindled by this week's gigs at the Etcetera Theatre, where some of July 2004's events occurred. I look back and wonder whether I was on the ball, and then I look at the blog and it appears that I was holding on very tight to reality.

I'm glad that I noted the contribution of other people to the successes.

A couple of weekends ago I wrote an article for Micro Mart on the impact of blogging. As I was writing it, I registered this site on Technorati. Having done that I was then able to see if anyone has been blogging about my site. I was interested to find that there was a cross over with another Micro Mart article I'd written. In The World's Worst 100 Websites I gave "Inner Geek" a bit of a playful dig. However, they found out about it and were not happy.

I can't remember exactly what I wrote about them specifically, but that's actually not relevant, since they didn't respond to my comments on their site. They responded to their inclusion in the list and the judging criteria I'd used. They hadn't read the whole thing. As a result, they objected in principle, missing the point that the article was in fun and actually made the point that some of the criteria would cause "good" websites to enter the list... albeit those which wasted time in a good way, or were "so bad that they're good". It's interesting that the "geeks" chose to bitch about it behind my back, rather than approach me to ask me to account for myself.

You can read their blog post and my comment on it here. So far nobody got in touch. I guess these geeks must be too shy.


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