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Thursday, September 14

Debating or Bating?

Subject: Beliefs are not facts

Dear Christian Voice,

I became aware of your organisation through your very public demonstration against Jerry Springer The Opera, which some of your members may have seen, but which the majority of you simply took as being offensive on recommendation.

I've been reading your website and found your discourse with the Co-op bank to be highly curious. You find it offensive that they decided to terminate dealing with you because you hold oppressive views on homosexuality; something which their liberal outlook cannot tolerate. Yet you wish them to be liberal enough to continue dealing with you? Surely that's a contradiction? In addition, you were using them to apply for an HSBC credit card when they decided to terminate your account. A credit card? Christian Voice? Surely not. What did Jesus say about the money lenders? I've no idea, but I've seen the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and he wasn't happy about them in that.

Personally, I find your views to be intolerable. I respect your right to make decisions about how your own lives should be led. I also respect your views concerning which activities are the path to righteousness and which are the road to hell. However, you incorrectly assume that your belief system gives you the right to oppress others and misrepresent the world in the process. Beliefs are just that, beliefs. You can no more prove that a god exists than scientists can prove whether homosexuality is genetic, behavioural or spiritual. If you say you can, then you are allowing your beliefs to make you into a liar. If it were possible to prove, then it wouldn't be a belief, nor would it be possible to debate either way.

Surely your belief system encourages forgiveness? Reading your website, all I get is a sense of superiority, smugness and hate; your alleged "true facts" about the links between pedophilia and homosexuality are a classic example. If you were good people, you would invest your time doing positive things. Rather than hitting the streets to complain about a piece of light entertainment, maybe you would go around to a local nursing home and help the terminally ill enjoy some company in the last days of their lives. Maybe you would put your efforts into helping develop your local community, or doing some conservation work.

Everyone has problems with their beliefs and their identity. I suspect that Christian Voice is founded on such a huge sense of insecurity that if you're not out there shouting your heads off about your beliefs, you'd be at home doubting them. Relax. It's okay to be gay if you're gay (and I suspect you must be to be so homophobic). It's okay for people to have a different view of what's morally acceptable, provided they're within the law (society's accepted general morality). It's okay for people to view things which are offensive; especially if they come to understand why they are offensive. Your God will not be scared by doubters - without doubt and without belief rising above down, then faith is meaningless.

So, why don't you stop being so foolish, shut down your stupid little website and do something good with your life.

Ashley Frieze


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